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Sustainability Matters - October Newsletter

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This edition will feature:

  • Eco Spotlight -Is LDPE recycling greenwashing? Do the markers ring true
  • Packaging Heroes - Unboxing Bamboo Clothing 
  • Proud to be B - B Corp of the Month - Making your morning cup of coffee more sustainable
  • Brighten your day - Discover how Autumn leaves make a healthier environment

Eco Spotlight

The question we've been looking at this month is Are LDPE Recycling Markers greenwashing? The truth about LDPE recycling in the UK..

Many brands discuss the recyclability of their products, but the reality can be quite different. For instance, poly mailers, often labelled as recyclable and eco-friendly, have come under scrutiny, especially when it comes to LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) plastic.

Plastic, including LDPE, is a versatile material used in various industries, including ecommerce packaging. However, the UK faces a significant challenge in recycling LDPE. Despite the booming ecommerce market and increased packaging demands, the recycling rates in England have remained stagnant, with limited capacity to recycle LDPE soft plastics. A startling fact is that less than one-third of the necessary capacity exists in the UK to efficiently recycle LDPE.

The current UK recycling infrastructure doesn't adequately handle LDPE waste, with limited local authority collection for LDPE plastic film. In fact, a significant portion of plastic recycling from the UK is shipped overseas due to the domestic infrastructure's limitations. While LDPE packaging is popular, recycling rates for LDPE, especially soft plastics, are disappointingly low, with over 95% ending up in landfills or the open environment.

In contrast, over 95% of paper packaging can be recycled, with a recycling rate of 71% in the UK. Paper recycling infrastructure is well-established and accessible. The solution lies in reducing plastic usage and opting for more sustainable packaging choices like paper and cardboard, such as paper mailing bags or cardboard boxes. Choosing paper over LDPE not only benefits the environment but also contributes to a more sustainable future.


LDPE Symbol]

Get to know your recycling symbols

The increasing shift to recyclable packaging presents a prime opportunity for environmentally responsible choices. Recycling symbols and labels, which are becoming more prevalent, hold the key to making a positive impact on our environment. To demystify recycling, let's start with paper and cardboard, widely known for their recyclability.

Key symbols to look for, such as the Mobius Loop and resin codes, which provide insights into materials' recyclability. Plastics, labelled with numbers from 1 to 7, vary in recyclability, with PET #1 and HDPE #2 being highly recyclable.

Compostable symbols, differentiated between industrially and home compostable materials, and delves into the significance of symbols like the Green Dot and the ''Tidyman'' Symbol. Recycling instructions on product labels are crucial to ensure proper disposal. Understanding these symbols empowers individuals and businesses to make eco-conscious choices and communicate their commitment to sustainability to customers. 


Packaging Heroes

In our latest unboxing video, we're thrilled to showcase Bamboo Clothing, a true sustainability champion. Join us as we unravel their story and the eco-conscious choices they've made, including their preference for Priory Elements sustainable paper mailing bags.

Discover how these thoughtful packaging solutions not only align with their values but also contribute to the greater cause of reducing environmental impact. We're excited to share their journey, making it a testament to the positive change we can create in the world of packaging.

Proud to be B - B Corp of the Month

We're delighted to shine a spotlight on Jimmy's Coffee as our B Corp of the month. Their commitment to sustainability is truly inspiring. They source all their coffee from hand-picked, single-origin, Rainforest Alliance certified Arabica Coffee in Colombia, not only ensuring quality but also promoting ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

What's truly remarkable is their pioneering approach to packaging. Jimmy's Coffee champions infinitely recyclable packaging, introducing the UK's first resealable, aluminium BottleCan™ and 250ml SlimCans, ensuring all their packaging can be infinitely recycled and back on the shelf in just 60 days. Their dedication to eco-conscious choices aligns perfectly with our mission, making them a standout B Corp of the month.

Jimmy's Coffee

Brighten Your Day

As autumn settles in and garden cleanup begins, consider leaving your leaves in place this season for a range of environmental and garden benefits. Not only do fallen leaves provide a habitat for important soil creatures, but they also enrich your garden's soil by slowly breaking down into essential nutrients like carbon, nitrogen, and minerals. This natural mulch acts as insulation, reducing soil erosion and saving water. You can even use leaves to enrich your compost, reducing waste and producing nutrient-rich soil for spring.

By letting nature take its course and leaving the leaves, you're contributing to a healthier environment and more vibrant gardens. This fall, make the choice to let the leaves stay and witness the positive changes in your garden come spring.

Be A #RecyclingHero This Global Recycling Day

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Today marks the celebration of Global Recycling Day, a day to raise awareness and encourage action for the protection of our environment through recycling. But how much do you know about recycling plastics? Do you know your PET from your HDPE or PP from PS? Well, wonder no more, we have put together this infographic to give you all the information you need to know about recycling symbols and the types of plastic that can be recycled.

Get to know your recycling symbols

So now you know your symbols and facts about recycling, it’s time to start making a change. Shop all our Recyclable packaging products and make a difference today.

If you aren’t sure which type of eco-friendly packaging is right for you and your operation, check out our recyclable packaging guide and make the swap now.

If you have any questions or need any help at all, please do get in touch.

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