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RRP £71.90
SAVE £31.91
ONLY £39.99

Use the code NEWRUMP to get a pack of Free Rump Steaks when you buy this new customer hamper! All of our most popular and favourite products in one hamper for you to experience and enjoy - this meaty hamper includes Cumberland Sausages, Pulled Pork, Gammon Steaks, Gourmet Burgers, Hache Steaks, Whole Chicken, Pave Rump Steaks, Steak Mince, Sirloin Steaks and Rump steaks - now that is a proper meat hamper!

As a new customer to Westin Gourmet we would like you to experience some of our finest and most popular meats. From our high welfare grass-fed steaks and steak mince to our juicy full of flavour Cumberland sausages and our tasty and tender pulled pork. With this exquisite hamper, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

2 x 6-7oz Award Winning British Sirloin Steaks
2 x 6-7oz British Rump Steaks
2 x 6-7oz Pave Rump Heart Steaks
1.5kg+ Whole Medium British Chicken
410g Pulled Pork
4 x 4oz Gourmet Burgers
2 x 6-7oz Gammon Steaks
2 x 6-7oz Hache Steaks
500g British Steak Mince
6 x Cumberland Sausages

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Weekly Special Offers form Westin Gourmet

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Weekly Special Offers form Westin Gourmet

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£31.68 per kg
RRP £69.95
SAVE £24.96
Get 10 x British fillet steak in this amazing promotional hamper deal - this is your chance to sample grass-fed 21-day matured tender and delicious British beef that has been cut from the tenderloin to create a melt-in-your-mouth eating experience you really should not miss!
£6.94 per kg
RRP £33.93
SAVE £10.94
Westin Gourmet’s Family BBQ Box is ideal for a small family gathering the box includes: Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings, Pork Steaks, Chicken Drumsticks, Pork Belly Slices, Sausages and Burgers. Perfect for any BBQ
£6.99 per kg
RRP £11.99
SAVE £5.00
With the bone in the fillet these chicken Supremes will be tender moist and full of nutritious flavour. The skin on will add extra taste to this succulent product - so all in all some very tasty and juicy chicken!
£4.38 per kg
RRP £3.99
SAVE £2.00
Cumberland sausages are the classic British sausage and these are packed full pork and delicate herbs and spices to create the renowned flavour
£9.73 per kg
RRP £5.79
SAVE £1.80
Slowly cooked pork that has been marinated with delicious sweet and deep flavours. pulled apart into melt in th emouth strips ready to stuff in a bap

£16.64 per kg
RRP £7.99
SAVE £2.50

Some of the most high welfare meat you will have the pleasure of eating. This rose veal is the best quality tasting meat on the British market.

£27.96 per kg
RRP £12.99
SAVE £6.00
These sumptuous, cold water prawns are sweet, succulent, freshly cooked and peeled. Great for a quick snack with a chilli dip or as a starter Mary Rose sauce and crunchy iceberg lettuce - marvellous!
£8.73 per kg
RRP £3.29
SAVE £1.30
These frying/minute steaks are great for a quick meal or a sandwich when you want a quick hit of beefy goodness - and they literally cook in a minute in a hot pan!
£35.96 per kg
RRP £14.99
SAVE £6.00
Scallops are delectable and versatile and taste so fresh. These sweet seafood medallions marry well with salty accompaniments or a simple squeeze of lemon. If you're feeling naughty fry them some thick sliced chorizo!

British BBQ Pork Steaks 12 x 100g only £8.99 less than 75p a steak

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British BBQ Pork Steaks 12 x 100g only £8.99 less than 75p a steak

Try something new this BBQ season with these oh so tasty British BBQ Pork Steaks.