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A Christmas bonus and more from Present Aid

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Hi affiliates,

First off, we want to thank you for everything you have done to support Present Aid this year. We’ve got a number of festive updates to share with you, so please read on to find out more.

A Christmas bonus

We want to help you earn more and support a good cause this Christmas. To help you we’ve put together a special incentive between 17 November and 17 December:

  • 17 October to 16 November 2014 - 0 orders generated - 50% more commission - that's a total of 15% commission on each transaction.
  • 17 October to 16 November 2014 - 1 or more orders generated - 75% more commission - that's a total of 17.5% commission on each transaction.

With the average value for orders at £35 in October, this could give you an average of £5.25 at 15% commission, or £6.13 at 17.5% commission per transaction.

UK Aid Match

Christian Aid has been successful in its bid for UK aid matched funding which will support the life-changing work we’re doing to improve maternal health within communities in Kenya. To support this initiative there are six gifts on Present Aid which are worth twice their value when purchased between now and 6 February 2015. The gifts include baby weighing scales, a mobile health clinic and bricks.

Visit our UK Aid Match page for details.

Present Aid Christmas shop – now open

Visit our Christmas shop to find everything from best sellers like the goat and a chicken, to quirky new gifts like be a superhero for the day and chocolate goodness. To make life easier, you can also find gifts broken down by categories like gifts for her and gifts for him.

Don’t forget: because we offer e-cards and print-at-home cards up until Christmas day itself, you’ll be able to earn commission from Present Aid right up until to Christmas day.

Please note: our mail at home cards have a last order date of 15th December.

New banners

We’ve added a range of new Christmas banners and textlinks to the creative library. These are available in a range of sizes in a .gif format. The new banner groups are called Christmas and Christmas Pool.

Bricks advert for Present Aid

****We’re also happy to provide flash banners on request. Please let me know if you require these or any additional creative****

Please ensure you use creatives provided in the AWIN interface as they include tracking that enables us to allocate this to the affiliate channel.

Finally, see our top performing gifts from October, which include 3 of our new gifts:

1. A child's school materials

2. A chicken

3. A sheep

4. A goat

5. Antibiotics for a sick child

6. Kid goat (NEW)

7. Floating garden

8. Piglets (NEW)

9. Chocolate goodness (NEW)

10. A bicycle

If you have any opportunities or any questions about our gifts or incentives, please contact me directly by emailing and I will be happy to get back to you.

Best wishes,

Tom Malone

Summer update from Present Aid

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Hi affiliates,

Hope you are enjoying the summer! We’ve got some updates about Present Aid that we would like to share with you.

New gifts – coming this September
Congratulations to the winner of our Easter competition to choose a new gift. Jane decided on Loroco seeds which are a completely new gift to Present Aid.

Jane went on to explain why she chose the seeds: "My reasoning is that people's basic needs need to be catered for at all times, whether or not there is a disaster or refugee situation. I also thought that the low cost of the gift would make it suitable for children to buy, or people to give as extra gifts, and anyone wanting to make a bigger contribution could buy several of them.

"It also speaks personally to me as my husband runs a very successful blog about growing food in our little kitchen garden!"

The full list of new gifts are set to be revealed at the start of September and we’ll send you more information about these ahead of the launch.

Product feed
We have recently updated our product feed following feedback. The up-to-date version is live and can be accessed from the Links and Tools section of our merchant profile. We will also update our product feed with new gifts when these are introduced in September.

Top ten gifts
Here are the top 10 gifts from June are below, when the average order value was £31.50:

A goat
Books, stationery and uniform
A chicken
Antibiotics for a sick child
A lap desk for a child
Hand tools
Training and education bundle
A month's food for a family
An emergency kit
A flock of ducks

Key gifts over the summer

Green theme
While we prepare to settle in for the final stages of this year's World Cup we're encouraging people to give a hand to all those who would love a perfect patch of greenery for their livelihoods.

A gift from Present Aid can help make a couple's wedding day extra special by giving a unique gift that brings happiness to others across the world. We've put together the perfect selection of gifts to help the happy couple celebrate.

A dry summer?
Summer is finally here and we've had a few weeks of sun to enjoy. While we have easy access to clean water during the warm weather, Present Aid offers gifts that can help people who don’t, so that they have access to safe water.

Please get in touch if you have any questions at all about our program or projects.

Many thanks,

The Present Aid affiliate team

Thank you from Present Aid

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Dear affiliates,

Happy New Year from the Present Aid team!

As we ease into the New Year, we wanted to remind you that our programme operates all year round and although we see a significant amount of activity over Christmas, we also promote other key moments such as Valentine’s Day, Easter etc. – so be sure to read our newsletters in the coming weeks!

So firstly, thank you for all your fantastic work over the Christmas period. Some of the highlights include:
·         Together you generated over £6,500 in revenue for Present Aid, netting an impressive 4.69% conversion rate!

·         Over the Christmas period, we've calculated that all of the purchases made through Present Aid could have bought more than 25,580 chickens or over 46,048 antibiotics for sick children

·         New gift, ‘A chicken’ managed to knock everyone’s favourite ‘A goat’ off the top spot for bestselling gifts, making the top 10 look like this…
A chicken
A goat
Antibiotics for a sick child
Books, stationery and uniform
A floating garden
A month's food for a family
Hand tools
20 rapid diagnostic malaria kits
Blankets and bed linen

·         The average order value over the Christmas period was over £35, which would have secured a commission of £5.25 per order, for people that took part in our Christmas bonus promotion.

Secondly, this is a first for us, but we’re seeing a 16 fold increase in our January revenue, which looks to be the result of a few group gifts being set up with high value gifts. This is fantastic and again, thank you for pairing us up with these supporters.

All that leaves us to say is that we have a new generic creative in the library:

So please do ensure you use these banners – so that we can continue to track all of your activity.

We'll be looking at rotating all our banners in the near future and as part of this we'll be retiring our wedding banners and overwriting our Christmas 2013 banners with the banner above.

We’ll be in touch again shortly to update you on our Valentine’s Day activity – but do get in touch beforehand if you have any questions, or would like any more information on Present Aid.

Many thanks,
Tom Malone