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Westin Gourmet Specials This Week - Save up to 50%

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Westin Gourmet Specials This Week - Save up to 50%
RRP £39.98
SAVE £13.49
ONLY £26.49

This is one of our best sellers - and there is an obvious reason why! These 200-250g chicken breast fillets are a lot bigger than the standard 125g one you'll usually find in most supermarkets - and with 5kg of succulent, lean and healthy fresh chicken you have a real bargain at these prices too!

Also Including:

2 x 6-7oz Prime Hache Steak
Was £5.99 NOW £2.99

Was is it exactly, is it a steak or is it a Burger? At Westin Gourmet we like to think of it as a bit of both.
460g BBQ Pork Ribs
was £6.29 NOW £3.9

Tons of flavour is packed into these ribs which have been marinated for 12 hours to ensure taste perfection and the rich BBQ sticky experience
250g Fresh Cooked & Peeled King Prawns
was £12.99 NOW £6.99

Great for a quick snack with a chilli dip or as a starter Mary Rose sauce and crunchy iceberg lettuce - marvellous!
24 x Meaty Sausages
was £15.96 NOW £9.99
Juicy, tender and delicious no matter how they're served, our gorgeous meaty sausages simply sizzle at every occasion...
2.27kg Smoked Back Bacon
was £17.99 NOW £9.99
Our Smoked Back Bacon is traditionally smoked after curing to preserve the subtle undertones created during smoking the process
1kg Jacket Potatoes
was £1.99 NOW £1.29
Nothing beats a great British Jacket Potato - what's better than tucking into a fluffy creamy potato with some great hearty fillings!
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Weekly Specials - Save up to 40%

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Save 40% - British Sirloin Roasting Joint

  • Normally: £34.99

  • This Week: £20.99

Save 15% - Beef Minute Steaks

  • Normally: £2.15

  • This Week: £1.82

Save 35% -  British Pork Tenderloin Fillet

  • Normally: £5.99

  • This Week: £3.89

Save 10% - British Lamb Shanks

  • Normally: £8.32

  • This Week: £7.48

Save 25% - BBQ Chicken Drumsticks

  • Normally: £3.59

  • This Week: £2.69


  • Normally: £11.99

  • This Week: £7.79