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Weekly Specials 21/03/2016

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Weekly Specials Westin Gourmet


£17.64 per kg
RRP £49.45
SAVE £19.46
Save now on 10 x British sirloin steaks plus choose from a range of discounted optional complimentary items - taken from grass-fed 21-day matured beef these sirloins are tender and lean, but with a layer of fat that when cooked, melts into the meat, helping to baste it and adding hugely to its flavour.
£5.51 per kg
RRP £15.96
SAVE £5.96
24 of Westin’s best Sausages - Perfect if you can't decide which sausage you fancy or just want to try our different sausages. Contains: 6 x Award Winning Cumberland Sausages, 6 x Pork and Leek, 6 x Pork and Chilli and 6 x Meaty Pork Sausages
£6.38 per kg
RRP £6.29
SAVE £2.30
Plump chicken breasts that are 100% natural with no added water or additives. Hand trimmed, these lean chicken fillets are exceptional value for money.
£9.98 per kg
RRP £5.49
SAVE £1.50
An extra tender cut of high welfare pork this tenderloin pork fillet offers an amazing balance of flavour and succulence - a reflection of the free roaming good life the pigs have enjoyed.
£8.67 per kg
RRP £6.29
SAVE £2.30
Tons of flavour is packed into these ribs which have been marinated for 12 hours to ensure taste perfection and the rich BBQ sticky experience
£6.98 per kg
RRP £4.49
SAVE £1.00
Hand-sliced, premium-quality cooked British ham, exceptional texture and flavour. Perfect for sandwiches, buffets and light snacks!
£10.99 per kg
RRP £6.49
SAVE £1.50
High welfare lamb sourced from UK farms has been tenderised into flavoursome patties with herbs and spices to create these amazing tasting gourmet lamb kofte burgers.
£6.92 per kg
RRP £3.99
SAVE £1.50
Our British beef meatballs, lean and tasty with high grade quality grass fed beef. The meatballs come in a small conveneient pack of 12 x 30g, perfect for a quick and easy dinner.
£35.96 per kg
RRP £14.99
SAVE £6.00
Scallops are delectable and versatile and taste so fresh. These sweet seafood medallions marry well with salty accompaniments or a simple squeeze of lemon. If you're feeling naughty fry them some thick sliced chorizo!