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What Gadget gives the Majority Bard 2.1 Bluetooth Internet Radio & Spotify Connect Music System 5 out of 5

Written by Kemi Akilapa on . Posted in General Promotions, News, Product Launches, Promotion, UK

"The Majority Bard is a fantastic Internet radio with access to over 25,000 stations as well as the option to listen to Spotify Connect, DAB and even FM radio. The audio quality is of a very high standard that even comes with an EQ to get the very best audio quality to suit your personal taste." What Gadget

Where fashion meets function, the Majority Bard 2.1 100W Music System will instantly elevate your home audio to a superior listening experience. Be it China, Canada or everywhere in between, jump into the evolving world of radio and explore over 25,000 radio stations across the globe plus the very best of DAB+ & FM Radio. After you’ve had your daily radio fix, delve into Spotify using Spotify Connect. Simply, tune the dial on the Majority Bard and listen to everything from movie soundtracks to fitness podcasts. Speaking of podcasts, the Majority Bard is so focused on delivering a cutting-edge audio experience that, uses the built-in Podcast Player to listen to the podcasts from anywhere and everywhere.  From the best of Beethoven on DAB Radio to Elvis Presley’s hip-shaking hits on Spotify Connect, with the Internal Subwoofer, the Majority Bard will change how you experience audio. Delivering a clear and crisp bass, fill the room with your favourite sounds.  Whether you’re a night owl who needs the radio to get up and go or want to start your day with a musical kick, with the dual alarm, experience the magnetic sounds the Majority Bard offers.

Thank you to Tech Reviewer website, What Gadget for the glowing review of the Majority Bard 2.1 Bluetooth Internet Radio Music System with Built-In Subwoofer, Spotify Connect and Podcast Player.

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