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Up to 80% off Sale at THE PROTEIN WORKS

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Morning affiliates,

The weekend and, more importantly, payday is in our sites!

The sale is in full flow at TPW™ Towers with a massive up to 80% off everything on site ready for you to promote and earn some serious commission! You can find all the details for this HUGE offer right here:-



PLUS Get a FREE Juggernaut 2.2L Water Bottle when you spend £45!


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These offers are on for the rest of this week and heading into payday so it's all to play for! If you have any queries or exposure opportunities please get in touch.



TPW™ Affiliate Team

Discount Code Alert

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Afternoon Affiliates,

Are you ready for a discount code that will make you flex? Starting tomorrow for 3 days we're giving an extra 10% off all products part of 'The Summer Cut' sale when you spend £40 to help you drive those extra sales over the weekend. PLUS, we'll throw in a free shaker! AND, if you spend £50 we'll deliver it to your door for free!!

Simple enter EXTRA10 at the checkout to redeem!


You can browse the complete range of products eligible here:-!!!id!!!&clickref=&



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As always, please let me know if you have any queries or I can help in any way.


The Protein Works Affiliate Team


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Welcome to THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Affiliate Programme!


We’ve undergone a few changes recently at TPW Towers, a few new faces have joined the family and a lot of new affiliates! So we can get to know each other a little better, I wanted to give you all a quick refresh on who we are, what we are about and what we can do for you to make sure you’re earning as much commission as possible!

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is an innovative and completely original sports nutrition brand that is committed to offering a superior level of products and service for our customers. We innovate, formulate and manufacture to ensure exceptional quality, constant innovation and most importantly, lower prices for our customers.


New Contact

The TPW Affiliate Programme is now managed by myself (Gareth Johnson) I am available anytime should you have a query, request or want to plan in activity – Simply email me at or call 01928 246 987 and I’ll be more than happy to help!


THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Affiliate Benefits

By being a TPW affiliate, you can enjoy the following benefits:-


  • Sector Leading Commission Rates as high as 12%
  • 35 Day Cookie Period
  • Massive Online Range with Over 1000 SKUs
  • Affiliate Specific Offers & Promotions
  • Huge Amount of Editorial Content
  • High Average Order Value
  • Fast Validation Process


THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Customer Benefits

We are committed to giving the best possible experience to our customers, that’s why our customers enjoy these great benefits when shopping with TPW:-


  • FREE Delivery on orders over £50
  • FREE Next Day Delivery on orders over £75
  • PURE product – Free of thickness or fillers
  • PROVEN product – 100% product certification
  • PERSONAL customer care – An expert customer service team on standby to help
  • 9.7 Trustpilot rating – We’re ranked in the top 5 in our category



Commission Rates

To ensure everyone has the most up to date commission rates live, here’s a brief overview of our current commission structure:-


  • New Customers without a Voucher Code – 12%
  • New Customers with a Voucher Code – 10%
  • Existing Customers without a Voucher Code – 6%
  • Existing Customers with a Voucher Code – 4%


Can you please ensure your site content is updated where necessary to reflect these.




Meet the Products

At THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we’re famous for our innovations and huge range of products. Here’s a quick overview of our site categories to find the exact product you need to take your workout to the next level!



Protein Shakes

Protein shakes from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are made from the very finest protein powders on the market today. We specialise in high quality, great tasting whey protein shakes in a wide variety of flavours and sizes. We innovate, formulate and manufacture in house premium grade protein shakes. We are passionate and committed to offering the highest quality and the widest range of protein shakes at exceptional value for money. Even more importantly, we ONLY use natural flavours and colours in all our protein shakes and DO NOT use any thickeners or fillers.!!!id!!!&clickref=&



Protein Formulas

Protein formulas are traditionally used by people wanting more than one source of protein powder in their protein shake. This is because different proteins have been shown to have different properties and qualities. So by scientifically combining different forms into one single protein shake you can effectively get multiple nutritional benefits. For this reason all protein formulas from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ have been carefully and scientifically engineered to create highly bespoke protein formulas designed to meet specific goals such as fat loss, lean muscle and endurance performance.!!!id!!!&clickref=&



High Protein Snacks

Protein snacks are a great alternative source of quality protein to the conventionally used protein shakes. At THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we are particularly proud of our protein snacks range. Not only does it stick to our core philosophy of using only finest quality, natural ingredients, each product has its own unique innovation. Unlike other brands, we don't ever look to imitate. At TPW™, we love to innovate and take everything we do to a new level.!!!id!!!&clickref=&



Protein Foods

Protein foods are a brilliant addition to any supplement cupboard. This is because whey protein concentrate and whey isolate protein shakes are a fantastic source of quick digesting liquid protein. But having protein in ‘solid’ form like that provided by protein foods has been shown to have different digestive and nutritional properties. Which is why so many athletes’ cupboards contain a combination of the two. For this very reason THE PROTEIN WORKS™ protein foods range has been created under the exact same core philosophy that governs the manufacturing of our widely-acclaimed protein shakes. Essentially we only ever use the finest quality, natural ingredients and never use any thickeners or fillers.!!!id!!!&clickref=&




THE PROTEIN WORKS™ powders range is absolutely loaded with only the finest creatine, aminos and carbohydrate powders on the market today. Whilst we undoubtedly have one of the best and most comprehensive collection of protein shakes we also pride ourselves on having absolutely everything you would need to support your training. Which is why the non-protein specific powders range was given an entire section on the site to itself. It’s in keeping with our PERSONAL philosophy and promise to you to offer bespoke nutritional and supplement support whatever your individual fitness goals. So whether you want to increase muscle mass, lose body fat or improve sports performance we will have the right sports powder to help you achieve it.!!!id!!!&clickref=&



Pills & Liquids

At THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we understand that as well as protein shakes sports pills offer the most convenient way for an athlete to get certain key nutrients into their diets. That’s why we’ve taken a range of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and single extracts and put them into a pill form, so you are better able to support your elevated nutritional needs during before, during and after training.!!!id!!!&clickref=&



Best Sellers

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is renowned for having one of the most extensive ranges in sports nutrition. What started with our award-winning whey protein has now expanded to include everything from nutrient-dense Super Greens, potent thermogenics and scientifically formulated pre-workouts. We even have the UK’s first Protein Bakery™ churning out innovations at the rate of knots. As a result we know the website navigation can sometimes be an overwhelming place for those who are new to sports nutrition. Which is why the Best Sellers section was created.!!!id!!!&clickref=&



New Products

New products are what we are all about at THE PROTEIN WORKS™. Dubbed, “the most innovative sports nutrition brand” by the fitness and sports media it’s possible this could be the most exciting part of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ website. That’s because our innovation and imagination doesn’t stop at our best-selling whey protein. Nor is it confined to our widely-acclaimed creatine. No, THE PROTEIN WORKS™ laboratory is much more active and inventive than that as you’ll see from this corner of the site.!!!id!!!&clickref=&




At THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we aim to help you in every area of your nutrition and training. Basically we’re committed to not only providing the very best protein shakes in sports nutrition. But we also aim to provide gym clothing, capsule containers and of course the most durable, stylish protein shakers in the fitness industry. That’s why here you’ll find a range of THE PROTEIN WORKS™ branded training accessories and training aids, all designed to make your nutrition and training more convenient. Each and every accessory is made to our high standards using both premium quality materials and only the very best manufacturing processes.!!!id!!!&clickref=&


(Please remember to replace !!!id!!! with your publisher ID)

If you would like to know further information or interested in a particular product, range or category please get in touch!

Looking forward to working with you all, and as always please don’t hesitate to contact me should you need anything!




The Protein Works Affiliate Team