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dare Motivation Shake Bonus Commission & Discount Code

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I'd like to introduce myself as the new account manager for dare Motivation. dare are a lifestyle brand that has nutritional values at it's core. Selling a range of motivational nutritious shakes to help you in your big and small everyday challenges. There is a 20% off code that also includes a free shaker and T-Shirt, details below.

Commission is a massive 10% and there is a very healthy bonus plan in place for September & October; see below. So this is a great brand to be promoting for health benefits and commission payments ūüôā If you have any promotion opportunities then get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

Bonus Tier

  • 5 approved sales = ¬£10.00 
  • 10 approved sales = ¬£20.00 
  • 20 approved sales = ¬£40.00 
  • 50 approved sales = ¬£100.00 
  • 100 approved sales = ¬£250 
  • 200 approved sales = ¬£500.00 
  • 400 approved sales = ¬£1000.00

The shakes are a Nutritionally Complete powdered plant based beverage that can be used as a Nutritious snack or as part of a Meal Plan. Motivational Shake contains a bespoke all-in-one blend of seeds, superfoods, herbs, phytonutrients, pre- and probiotics and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving is dosed at the right levels for a perfect balance of complete protein, essential fats, Omega-3, slow-releasing complex carbs and fibre for a ridiculously TASTY, FILLING, NUTRITIOUS and MOTIVATING all-purpose Shake. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you simply just need to add water or milk and voila! If you’ve got time you could be creative and blend with  bananas and all your other favourite ingredients.

AWESOME20 - 20% off plus a free t-shirt and shaker

Valid until 31/12/21

T&C's: Can not be used in conjunction with any other code


Chris & The dare Team

Launch Announcement: FutureYou by Cambridge Nutraceuticals - Health supplements supported by science

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Welcome to FutureYou Health.  We are proud to be launching on AWIN and would love to speak to you about how we might work together.

What do we do?

We sell health supplements developed by Cambridge Nutraceuticals ‚Äď supplements that are scientifically proven to deliver more of the good stuff to your body.

There are plenty of health supplement companies out there.¬†¬†We are very different. We‚Äôve included a bit more detail as to why below, so please do read ‚Äėwhy we are different‚Äô.¬†¬†It might surprise you.

What’s in it for affiliates?

You can expect a transparent, well-managed programme with great commission, plus some of these exciting benefits:

  • Up to¬†14%¬†commission on sales;
  • 30 day cookie;
  • High conversion rates and average order value;
  • Regular payments ‚Äď commissions are validated¬†within 30 days¬†of product dispatch;
  • Excellent, scientifically proven products,¬†with new product launches throughout 2018;
  • Promotions and discount codes - We offer regular promotions and discount codes and we are open to discussing exclusive offers and deals;
  • Dedicated in-house affiliate manager ‚Äď if you have any questions, doubts, queries or suggestions,¬†a way that you‚Äôd like to work together that isn‚Äôt already listed, or different resources that you require, please get in touch.

Why we're different

Our focus on bioavailability

We focus on creating a select range of truly beneficial supplements, designed and tested for their bioavailability. That means when you take supplements from FutureYou, your body will absorb more of the valuable nutrients that it needs.

Take magnesium,¬†for¬†example.¬†Did¬†you¬†know¬†that¬†there¬†are¬†a whole host of different types of magnesium supplement?¬†There‚Äôs chloride, glycinate, malate,¬†sulphate,¬†taurate, orotate,¬†thionate, citrate, oxide, topical.¬†¬†So to say ‚Äėtake a magnesium supplement‚Äô is simply not enough. Some are easy for the body to absorb, some are not. With some, you will have to take a large quantity to achieve the optimal levels, meaning you will typically experience unpleasant side effects as your body attempts to process all the excess compounds you have ingested.

So what should you take? And how, without reading a host of scientific papers, is anyone supposed to know what is the right thing to take or recommend?

We understand that the average person doesn’t have a PhD in nutritional science. Which is why we invest time, care and attention to make sure that all of this is worked out for you,  and that our supplements are scientifically proven to deliver more of the good stuff.

In case you were wondering, our magnesium supplement, MAGNESIUM+, contains magnesium lactate. This is one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium available. If you are struggling with tiredness and fatigue, we strongly recommend giving it a try.

Our scientific credentials

Based in the heart of Cambridge, we have a world class medical advisory board, including, among others: Professor Alf Lindberg, former member of the Nobel Committee and Secretary of the Medical Prize; Peter Kirkpatrick BSc MBCHB MSc FRCS, a leading Cambridge University vascular neurosurgeon; and Dr Andrew Carson FRCGP, a senior NHS general medical practitioner.

Cambridge Nutraceuticals originated with the development, formulation and clinical trials of its first heart health product, ATERONON HEART+.  The trials took place at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Addenbrooke’s). Since that time, we have continually searched for other supplements which have similarly high standards of clinical testing. The bestselling supplement in our Bones and Joints range, TURMERIC+, has had an astonishing 29 published papers written on its use across a variety of different studies and health areas.

Find out more about FutureYou

In the press



Summer Savings & Free Next Day Delivery Code!

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Summer has finally arrived here at Simply Supplements, with fantastic savings on nutritional essentials and free next day delivery for orders over £50! As part of our summer savings we have up to 20% off popular slimming products such as our Raspberry K2000 MAX (20% off), Simply Best Slimmex (20% off) and Green Coffee Bean & Raspberry Ketones Complex (10% off).

Summer Savings - up to 50% off!


23/06/2015 to 31/07/2015!!!id!!!&clickref=&

Up to 20% off Slimming Supplements

Code: SLIM20

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Free next day delivery with orders of £50+

Code:  NXT50

24/06/2015 to 31/06/2015!!!id!!!&clickref=&


Please remember to replace !!!id!!! in the URL with your affiliate ID to allow for tracking of clicks and conversions.

Happy Promoting!
Simply Supplements

Shop & Save: £6 off when you spend £50!

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Code: 6OFF50

Expires 31/07/2015!!!id!!!&clickref=&

Please remember to replace !!!id!!! in the URL with your affiliate ID to allow for tracking.

Happy promoting!

Simply Supplements

3 for £15 on selected products!

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3 for £15!

on 31 selected products, including:

Goji Berry Extract 2000mg Blister Pack
African Mango 5000mg
Green Tea Extract 1000mg Blister Pack
VitaMen Plus | SimplyBest
50 Plus Formula | High Strength
Korean Ginseng 2000mg
Ginkgo Biloba 1500mg
Milk Thistle 3000mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg
Multivits for Cats and Dogs (100% NRV)
Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg
Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl 1500mg Tablets
Echinacea 3200mg

Code: THREE15

MUST END 17/06/2015!!!!id!!!&clickref=&

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Happy promoting!
Simply Supplements

Monstersupplements Summer Sale

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Monstersupplements Summer Sale

  1. Our first offer is on PhD Nutrition Recovery 2:1 BOGOF so you get two bags at the price of £25.99 (RRP: £79.98)

    recoverybogof<a href="!!!id!!!&clickref=&" onmouseover="self.status=''; return true;" onmouseout="self.status=''; return true;" target="_top">PhD Nutrition Recovery 2:1 BOGOF</a>

  2. For the second offer, when you buy Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE 300g you will also recieve a FREE ON T-Shirt. £28.99 (RRP: £44.99)

    1379931676_image_prodprod1070080_largeImage_X_450_white<a href="!!!id!!!&clickref=&" onmouseover="self.status=''; return true;" onmouseout="self.status=''; return true;" target="_top">Optimum Nutrition Platinum PRE 300g with FREE ON T-Shirt</a>