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What's New At Hyundai Power Products?

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Spring has sprung here at Hyundai Power Products and we’re celebrating with the launch of six brand new exciting products and also some spring offers on 3 of our most popular air compressors!

Submersible Pumps

First up are our three new electric Hyundai Submersible Pumps. Each pump is supplied with a lay-flat hose and jubilee clips, so you can get started straight out of the box instead of having to purchase an outlet hose separately.

In this range, the HYSP250CW is a 250W clean water sub-pump which is ideal for use as a hot tub pump, swimming pool pump or to clear bodies of water built up due to rain. It has a pumping capacity of up to 5,000 litres per hour, which is over 83 litres of fluid per minute.

Additionally, we have two new clean and dirty / trash water pumps in the range which are suitable for draining flooded basements, pits, ditches and foundations on top of being used as a hot tub and pool pumps. The 550W HYSP550CD can pump up to 10,500 litres of water per hour (175 litres of fluid per minute) and the 1100W HYSP1100CD has a pumping capacity of up to 14,000 litres per hour (over 233 litres of fluid per minute).

Electric Cement Mixer

Next up is a brand new Hyundai Cement Mixer in our Tools and Construction range. Able to perfectly mix together materials such as mortar, concrete, and plaster for DIY, building or garden projects, the HYCM63E has a 63L mixing drum has a 47L mixing capacity which is ideal for any smaller projects you’re currently working on.

Mitre Saws

Last, but by no means least, we’ve added two new electric Hyundai Mitre Saws to our power tool selection. The smaller of the two chop saws, the HYMS1500E, is equipped with a 1500W motor and 210mm blade, whilst the larger saw, HYMS2000E boasts a 2000W motor and 255mm blade, allowing you to make precise bevel and mitre cuts in solid wood, MDF, laminate, and plastic up to a maximum cutting height of 70mm on the HYMS1500E and 90mm on the HYMS2000E.

Both saws are ideal for a range of DIY woodworking projects including making furniture, cutting laminate flooring or decking to size, and cutting trim, skirting boards and beading.

Electric Pressure Washers

These six brand new products are on top of our three electric pressure washers which were recently launched – the 1740psi / 120bar HYW1700E, the 2100psi / 145bar HYW1900E and the 2610psi / 180 bar HYW2500E.

Flash SALE

There’s now a chance to grab some fantastic spring offers on some of our Hyundai Air Compressors! Customers can save £180 off the RRP on our HY3200S 14CFM/145psi 200L Air Compressor, and £20 off our HY3150S 14CFM/145psi 150L Air Compressor, and save a huge £295.99 off the HY70100P 10.7CFM/145psi 90L Air Compressor.

FFor more information on any of the products mentioned above, please visit our website at or take a look at our program here.

Exciting NEW PRODUCT from Hyundai Power Products!

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The HYSC1500E is our brand new, powerful yet low maintenance electric scarifier/aerator from Hyundai.

Perfect for revitalising spongy lawns, fixing patchy grass growth, and encouraging drainage from areas of your lawn prone to flooding, this scarifier will leave you with a beautiful, healthy, green carpet of lawn and save you countless time from having to rake or fork your grass to keep it weed-free.

Why scarify your lawn? 

During scarifying, stainless steel scarifying tines enter the ground to remove any compacted soil, as well as moss, thatch and weeds. Once these are removed, the lawn can breathe and will once again be able to absorb nourishing substances, oxygen and water.

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