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Waterstones Affiliate Migration

Written by Maria on . Posted in Programme Launches



Just a reminder that Waterstones are currently consolidating their affiliate programme to Affiliate Window from Tradedoubler.


As previously expressed, we kindly ask all affiliates to switch over from TD to AWIN before the Saturday 30th March. We are trying to reduce any time of non-activity during the migration, as after the Saturday 30th March, if you have not switched over, promotion of Waterstones will not be possible until you join the programme on AWIN. Most importantly, please do not hesitate to get in touch if you are facing any difficulties in migrating.


Waterstones have exciting activity taking place in the coming weeks. Exclusive codes, increased commissions and special offers on site! One of their key aims is to work closely with affiliates and gain insights that can be used to improve performance. Any suggestions or thoughts you have in regards to programme would be greatly appreciated. What more can we do? What would help you? All feedback is welcome and will be used to push the programme forward and benefit both parties involved.


We look forward to working with you.


Many thanks,


Waterstones Affiliate Team.