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Fuel Broadband Links and Landing Pages update

Written by Chris on . Posted in Affiliate Window, Network, News, Sector, Telecoms, Update Type, Updates


We hope you are well today. This is a quick update to announce that as of next Monday 15th December affiliates will no longer be linking to the Fuel main site, but to specific landing pages for both the Fuel Unlimited Broadband and the Home Phone packages.

Your standard affiliate link will be updated automatically to click through to the Fuel Unlimited Broadband landing page, and deep links to the Home Phone landing page will be sent out on Monday for you to update. Please note that any sales that convert through the Fuel site rather than the landing pages will not be commissional, so it is important for you to update any deep links to the Fuel main site to the landing pages as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to get in touch.


Chris and the Fuel Team