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Modafirma introduces British Fashion Brand The Changing Factor to our exclusive fashion platform. We had a chat with the creative director Magda Daniloaia.

Q. Give us a little insight into your creative background.

I have always been very creative and interested in fashion since I was a child. I used to create dozens of outfits for my dolls and play in my father’s leatherwork studio, so I guess it sort of runs in the family. But I was also very interested in mathematics and geometry which led me to pursue architecture initially which I soon quit because I found it slightly unglamorous (laughs). Then I went onto London College of Fashion and pursued the accessories course and the rest is history!..

Q. What/who was your influence when you started your own label?

I wanted to create a brand for powerful women. I really feel that there is a great change in how women are perceived all over the world today and I find that extremely inspiring and motivating. I think there are some brands out there catering to modern women but I feel there are not enough and I think we also come in from a very different angle.

The Changing Factor


Q. What have been your key inspirations for your design and concepts?

We are generally inspired by everything geometric and architectural, and anything with a rebellious touch. We also like to mix different references in our collections. The Alien Collection is a mix of the awe-inspiring architectural work of Santiago Calatrava and a lot of elements, more intellectual than visual, from the DADA art movement, ending up looking slightly punk – which is actually very relevant to what we wanted to create – an homage to the modern woman, who says no to and questions the status quo.

Q. What is the essence of your label?

The essence of the label lays in the fact that we are always creating with the modern woman in mind. We do not care about fashion trends but we care a lot about innovation and creativity and especially about the message that we put out there.

The Changing Factor


Q. Why does your fashion label stand out in this competitive industry?

We believe the aesthetic and construction of our products are very interesting and really, quite different from what is out there. But also what I find more interesting about the brand is our desire to be empowering modern women and to genuinely support women, through our community – #theuntamedclub and through our charity partnerships – we give 10% of our profits away to charities that help bring equality for women and girls around the world.

Q. Are there enough opportunities for emerging designers to showcase their designs and enter this competitive industry?

I think the market is oversaturated for sure but in the same time I like to believe there is always space for innovation. We need fewer brands that bring the same things to the table and more brands that bring new and interesting aesthetics and concepts.

Q. Is the fashion industry campaigning enough for boutique labels and recognising emerging talent?

There are certainly quite a few competitions and opportunities out there for young designers but they are far from enough. The big brands have the capital to literally buy out the majority of content in magazines and other publications, leaving very little space for pure creativity.

Q. Who is your customer?

Our customers are mostly millennial women who have a penchant for edgier design and want to look powerful and in control.

Q. Have you any plans to collaborate with other labels or brands?

We currently do not have any plans but we would love to collaborate with other brands with similar aesthetic so if you are reading this and you have any ideas please get in touch!

The Changing Factor


Q. The Changing Factor is a British brand, how much influence has this had on your creations?

We are a British brand but we feel like we want to define ourselves globally, we want to be a brand for the modern women from all over the globe. However, we certainly feel very inspired by the legacy of British designers such as Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood who literally changed the face of fashion as we see it today – we find that very inspiring and our aim is to step in their footsteps.

Q. What has been your most memorable success to date?

We cannot say who yet, but we have had a great stamp of approval from a public person we admire a lot and I am sure you will be thrilled to hear whom very soon!! Stay tuned:)

Q. What has been the most challenging stage when bringing your fashion label into the industry?

Finding the right manufacturers and managing production has probably been one of the biggest learning curves! But we are very happy now we have taken that process step by step and we are now able and prepared to deal with and satisfy both smaller and bigger orders from different stockists! Bring them on!

Q. What is your fashion label’s signature style?

Minimalism meets architecture meets punk. Worn with a power attitude.

Q. What are the key images you want to portray when people see or hear your brand name?

Powerful women who are not afraid to stand out and to question the status quo.

Q. How would you describe your personal style?

Edgy and strong.

The Changing Factor


Q. Modafirma celebrates and welcomes new fashion and emerging talent; tell us why you decided to join our exclusive social fashion platform?

We love the fact that you are one of the pioneers for emerging designers and we are thrilled to be working with you and be showcased next to other inspiring designer brands on your platform.

Q. What are the plans for the future of the label?

In the next two years our aims are to be stocked in several countries across the globe in physical and online stores, build a strong modern women community, have our first events in different cities across the globe and form several meaningful partnerships with various charities, as well as launching our t-shirts range and custom knitwear range (this autumn).

We are also looking to collaborate with a lot of other exciting labels! We cannot wait to see what the future holds! We hope you’ll join us in this exciting journey!…

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