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Sizing information + New autumn collection

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We have a few important things to tell you about in this latest message…

*Important Sizing Information*

We have some important information regarding the Cosyfeet sizing. From September 2018, to ensure that we are consistent with UK shoe size charts (which didn’t exist when Cosyfeet started), we will be referring to our women’s EEEEE+ fitting as 6E and our men’s HH+ as 3H.
Be assured that the fit of our footwear will NOT alter in any way - we will simply change the way that we refer to it.
We have created an information page which may help with understanding our width fittings – please click here.

Please take some time to review your website and ensure that any references to our width fittings have been updated.  We will be keeping a close eye on this and if we spot any affiliates with incorrect information on their websites then we’ll be in touch.
New autumn range now available
Our new autumn 2018 collection has now been launched online. Customers can add colour and comfort to their wardrobe with our fabulous autumn collection.

New collection:

New brand guidelines document

We have published a new brand guidelines document, which has been designed to provide you with the most up-to-date brand imagery each season (spring/summer and autumn/winter). Please ensure that you use our latest imagery, where applicable, to keep our branding current. We plan to update this document each season and we will continue to contact you once the new document has been released.

You can find this brand guidelines document in our account at the following locations:

Account > Overview > Documents

Account > Overview > Program Terms > Branding

If you need support with resizing/cropping images please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Also, if you have any questions about this document then do not hesitate to ask.

Note: We will continue to update our web banners each season. The imagery accessed via our brand guidelines document does not replace the web banners, it is simply in addition to the web banners.

Happy Promoting
The Cosyfeet Affiliate Team


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Pea Protein Banner

Pea Protein powder is relatively new and is especially popular among vegetarians, vegan and people with allergies or sensitivities to dairy or egg proteins.

Easy to digest – no gassy or bloated tummies!

Unlike some plant-based protein powders, pea protein is well digested and highly bio available. Pea protein is almost as good as whey protein for building muscle, feeling satiated, and recovering from workouts. Pea protein is one of the best plant-based forms of protein that you can eat, and when flavoured well, has a uniquely pleasant taste. Pea protein is hypoallergenic, especially when compared to whey, casein and even soy protein powders. All of which can be very allergenic, especially when consumed daily for extended periods of time you may end up feeling bloated, gassy, nauseous or worse after drinking a shake. This quickly makes them intolerable.

Whey protein comes from milk and is a by-product of cheese making. Whilst it is high in protein, it does also contain lactose, a milk sugar that many people have difficulty digesting. Pea protein powder doesn’t have any allergenic ingredients. It is also easily digested, and is unlikely to make you feel gassy or bloated after drinking a shake, whilst at the same time, the amino acids are easily digested.

Pea Protein also helps you to stay full, with studies showing that drinking pea protein powder activates the release of hormones in your body that keep you feeling full between meals. This makes it great to drink as a meal replacement or when you are dieting to lose weight.

Natures Sunshine Shaker


Plastic Shaker Blender with Lid - ideal for blending you favourite SynerProTein, TNT or Solstic drinks.

This power shaker is made from BPA free plastic, Nature's Sunshine Products use only Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) packaging for our products.  These are regarded as "good" plastics, in that there are no known leach of any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones.

Pea Protein Smoothie Banner

Most of your body is made from protein. It provides the essential building blocks for muscle, proteins, enzymes and hormones in the form of amino acids. As protein can’t be stored within the body, it’s important to consume to consume good quality protein every day.


1 banana

1 handful of kale leaves

350ml of water

60ml coconut milk

1-2 scoops of Pea Protein Plus

1 tsp of cocoa powder (organic preferable)

1 tsp Agave nectar or honey

Combine all ingredients in a blender then pour into our Nature's Sunshine Shaker.

Important: Ryman Commission Change

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Morning Affiliates,

Hope you’re well and ready for the weekend!

Just a bit of admin this morning that I need you all to digest and action before Monday 14th December.

Due to our tablet range reducing in size and the margin of range we do have left, we need to reduce the commission for these group of products to 0%. This only affects a very small number of products and you will continue to earn the same commission rate on the rest of our technology range.

Please update your advertised rates before Monday 14th December as it will change from this date.

Thank you for your continued support and If you have any queries please feel free to contact me at


Ryman Affiliate Team