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Predator Nutrition: Discount codes offers

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Hi Affiliates,

Please find below the offers that we are currently running. All offers are valid until 16th December, 2013.


Cynostane 20% off

Cynostane is an anabolic compound with remarkably low androgenic action. Developed by AI to be a high anabolic, minimal side effect pro-hormone. Cynostane is taking the bodybuilding world by storm, with results profile that makes it ideal for beginners and advanced trainees alike. Customers get an amazing 20% off when making a Cynostane purchase.



RPN Havoc 20% off


RPN Havoc has been developed to maximize the body's capability to increase muscular hypertrophy. With an overall Q ratio of 12, Havoc is totally non-estrogenic, and presents an ideal formula to be able to maximize strength and lean mass gains. Customers get an amazing 20% off when making an Havoc purchase.



Fusion Supplements -

Rocket Fuel


The new and improved Rocket Fuel  helps to provide mental clarity and extreme energy levels. The very core of the body is heated to burn calories. This fantastic supplement also helps with appetite suppression which makes it an ideal supplement to help with any diet. Customers get an amazing 20% off with their Rocket Fuel purchase.


Rocket fuel 20%off Predator  Nutrition



Post Cycle Matrix is designed to help balance hormone levels during the period of Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Post Cycle Matrix can decrease estrogen in males by as much as 50%. Customers get an amazing 20% off discount when purchasing  Post Cycle Matrix.

Starts: Monday 25th November, 2013

Expires: Monday 16th December, 2013



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