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Exciting NEW PRODUCT from Hyundai Power Products!

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The HYSC1500E is our brand new, powerful yet low maintenance electric scarifier/aerator from Hyundai.

Perfect for revitalising spongy lawns, fixing patchy grass growth, and encouraging drainage from areas of your lawn prone to flooding, this scarifier will leave you with a beautiful, healthy, green carpet of lawn and save you countless time from having to rake or fork your grass to keep it weed-free.

Why scarify your lawn? 

During scarifying, stainless steel scarifying tines enter the ground to remove any compacted soil, as well as moss, thatch and weeds. Once these are removed, the lawn can breathe and will once again be able to absorb nourishing substances, oxygen and water.

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NEW Winter Essentials Discount Code and Creatives

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We’ve put together a range of winter essential creatives for you to use, and exclusive discount codes available for Space Heaters, Water Pumps, Pressure Washers and Chainsaws. 

If you’re stuck in an icy cold garage, factory, agricultural space or workshop, we have a limited number of space heaters available in stock. Distributing heat quickly and efficiently, our compact space heaters run on either diesel or kerosene, have adjustable temperature gauges and run from a standard UK plug socket.

If your pond or hot tub needs a good clean, or even if you have experienced flooding, our water pumps have got you covered; our fast water-transferring options include clean water pumps, pumps suitable for chemicals (e.g. hot tubs and pools) or dirty water pumps (suitable for larger particles, pebbles, etc) and will clear unwanted water in no time at all.

If your patio is looking a bit worse-for-wear, why not invest in one of our powerful pressure washers, clear the grime and get everything looking ship-shape ready for you to enjoy your garden once spring rolls around.

Our electric and petrol chainsaws, with budget and professional options available, are perfect for tidying up any overgrowth that has taken over during the winter months.

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