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You’ve probably noticed that you feel much calmer once you’ve tidied your room, and that if you’re moving house, you don’t feel fully calm until everything is where it should be. Most people are aware that their mental health is tied into their space; that’s why we have design ideas like Hygge and minimalism, and why we follow people like Marie Kondo. Here are some ways you can improve your home so it supports your mental health.


Natural light is so good for us; it wards off seasonal depression and provides us with vital Vitamin D, but it also stabilises our circadian rhythm, meaning it helps us to sleep through the night. You can’t do much about how much light a room gets naturally, but light colours and reflective surfaces will help the light to travel more effectively.


When a team of psychologists partnered with a paint company to research the impact of colour on your mental health, they actually found that pastel colours calmed people down, whilst bright ones made them feel more excited. If you’re thinking of redecorating, maybe go for lighter colours to help you to relax.


People who described their room as ‘cluttered’ were actually far more prone to depression, a 2010 study found; if you can physically see that things are disorganised, you might feel more stressed and less able to relax. Finding a solution like an ottoman bed to store things out of sight will help here.

If you find yourself struggling to sleep or relax in your bedroom, it might be worth considering that the environment you live in isn’t conducive to rest. These tips aren’t a cure-all, but trying to decorate according to how you want a room to make you feel is never a bad idea.

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OKA - 10% off Signature Collection

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OKA & Silverbean Newsletter
Wednesday 13th March 2019

OKA  - New additions to the Signature Collection

Welcome to the latest newsletter from OKA and Silverbean.

OKA are pleased to announce they have added new products to their collection of Signature Pieces. These are a hand-picked selection of furniture and accessories that they believe capture the essence of OKA, plus a range of best-sellers. You can enjoy 10% off OKA's Signature Collection with the code AWSG19 until 31st March. 

Terms and Conditions:

Discount only available on the Signature OKA pieces category on until midnight 31st March 2019. This offer is valid on full price and in stock items only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer/discount, to purchase Limited Edition pieces or OKA gift cards.
Discount cannot be applied retrospectively.



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