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NEW Hyundai Electric Garden Machinery Alert!

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It’s an exciting time here at Hyundai Power Products!

On top of our Summer Sale which is currently in full swing, we’ve just added a brand new, highly requested, fantastic range of corded electric garden machinery to our portfolio.

Now available to PRE ORDER on our website, this new corded electric range is incredibly low maintenance as they don’t have batteries that need charging before use or need any of the routine maintenance that would accompany traditional petrol garden machinery ownership – users can just simply plug and play!

We’ve launched three new hedge trimmers that will leave customers spoiled for choice - one 550W electric long-reach pole hedge trimmer and 510mm and 610mm corded electric hedge trimmers.

We’ve also launched a 600W corded electric grass trimmer - a meatier version of our popular 250W strimmer. In a similar vein, we’ve also launched a 1800W garden scarifier/rake, which packs more of a punch than our existing 1500W version.

That’s not all! We’ve also launched two electric versions of our popular petrol-powered Tillers/Cultivators, with 1050W and 1500W motors ava, depending on customers’ needs and a 1800W electric scarifier for a revitalised lawn.

Please visit our website for more information about these brand new products –

Take a look at our program here