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Up To 55% Off on Meat and Offers from Westin Gourmet

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Please Find Westin Gourmets Weekly Offers for this week, valid untill 23/04/2016 ONLY

10 x Irish Fillets - Steak Lovers' Hamper
£27.46 per kg
RRP £78.95
SAVE £39.96

Get 10 x Irish fillet steak in this great promotional deal - this is your chance to sample delicious grass-fed Irish beef that has been cut from the tenderloin and matured for 21-days to create melt-in-your-mouth steaks that are not to be missed!

5 x 7-8oz Chicken Supremes 1kg
£6.99 per kg
RRP £11.99
SAVE £5.00

With the bone in the fillet these chicken Supremes will be tender moist and full of nutritious flavour. The skin on will add extra taste to this succulent product - so all in all some very tasty and juicy chicken!


Meat for a Week Hamper - 36 Item
£4.26 per kg
RRP £47.81
SAVE £27.82

In our Meat for a week hamper you get Westin Gourmet's finest cuts of fully traceable, fresh, gourmet meat from farms where animal welfare is paramount. Included in our Meat for a week hamper is • 2 x 6-7oz 28 Day Matured Irish Pave Steaks • 1kg+ Super Succulent Whole Fresh Chicken • 400g EXTRA Lean Beef Mince • 4 x 4oz British Steak Burgers • 12 x 30g Juicy Beef Meatballs • 6 x British Pork & Leek Sausages • 350g Rindless Unsmoked Bacon.


4 x 114g BBQ British Pork Belly Slices
£6.56 per kg
RRP £5.99
SAVE £3.00

Award winning pork from a farm where pigs have enjoyed healthy outdoor lifestyle; the BBQ marinade adds extra flavour to already delicious belly slices


Extra Lean British Beef Mince 400g
£5.98 per kg
RRP £3.99
SAVE £1.60

This is undoubtedly the leanest mince you will find - ideal if you're watching your weight or just want to moderate your fat intake without compromising taste.


2 x 8-9oz Fresh, Smoked Haddock
£15.40 per kg
RRP £12.99
SAVE £6.00

This smoky , flaky haddock conjures memories of childhood meals: classic fish pies, kedgeree and fish cakes - there's no missing its distinctive and hearty flavour.


400g Diced Turkey Breast
£7.48 per kg
RRP £4.99
SAVE £2.00
Freshly prepared by our classically trained butchers, our Diced Turkey Breast is second to none. It's a super lean meat to enrich your healthy meals.
2.27kg Rindless Unsmoked Back Bacon
£4.40 per kg
RRP £17.99
SAVE £8.00

Free from rind and excess fat, our Unsmoked Rindless Bacon is ideal for anyone looking for a healthy option to their favourite breakfast treat.



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