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£100 Giveaway on Pixartprinting new Packaging line!

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As of today, Pixartprinting's catalogue, already one of the largest in the web-to-print world, is getting even bigger, with the launch of our own Packaging line.

To celebrate this momentous occasion at Pixartprinting we have a truly unmissable offer in store for our customers: a £100 giveaway!

For the first order from this product category the packaging is on us (up to a maximum of £100).



You can find all the details about the offer here in the promotion's landing page:

Send your users to the link above to take advantage of this exceptional promotion.

The offer is also of interest to our affiliates, because it provides a way to reach new customers, and our commissions for this category of user are extremely generous.

Start earning with us!



More about Pixartprinting:

To find out more about Pixartprinting and sign up please click on:

Get your logo on your retail bags for FREE with Rajapack

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Hi Affiliates

Personalising your products is important especially if you want your brand to be seen, retailers can put their brand on display with free customisation on matt laminated bags. 

Rajapack logo

Title: FREE customisation on matt laminated bags - ideal for retailers! Put your brand on display!


Tracking link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&

Please remember to insert your ID

Thanks, Marianne | Tel: 01525 289 731 | email: | Skype: MLeeRajapack

Three steps to getting free print forever

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If you work in the design and print industry, chances are that you have colleagues, acquaintances and friends who all print too. So what if we said you can earn yourself extra reward points just for having these friends? You would be swimming in free print until the end of time, and that’s surely got to be good for business.

We’d like to introduce Your Printed Network: our newest way to reward you for doing what you love…printing! So what do you have to do to gain all these bountiful rewards? It’s very simple indeed, read on and find out.

First thing’s first, where do you find Your Printed Network? Just go to My Account, and find it in the left hand menu. You can earn your free print in just three easy steps:

Step one

You need to invite people into your network before you can start earning those extra points. We know that social butterflies like you use a lot of different methods to communicate with your print pals, so we’ve given you six different ways to send out invitations.

You can use such social favourites as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or stick to your email staples; Hotmail, Gmail or enter the email addresses manually. Then just sit back and wait for the invites to be accepted. You can make a cup of tea at this point if you’d like.

Step two

Step two starts when your contacts have accepted your invitation, created an account with us and placed their first order. They’ll get a juicy discount for accepting your invite —20% off orders under £100, to be precise. They’ll enjoy this little perk for their first three orders, definitely not something to be sniffed at.

Once they have placed an order over £35, you’ll find an extra 2,000 printed points nestled in your account. That’s the equivalent of £25 of print with us; imagine all the stuff you could buy!

Step three

The benefits don’t stop at step two! Every time your contact places an order with us, you gain a bonus 200 printed points (that’s £2.50 worth of print) to spend with us. This lasts for one whole year after they accept your invitation.

The more connections you have, the more free print you’ll be earning yourself — and if you have as many friends as we think you do — that’s a heck of a lotta print! In fact, you may never have to pay for print again!


If you’re ready to start getting things for free, head over to My Account now and start sending out those invites!