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Cambridgeshire Live gives the Majority Oakington Bluetooth DAB+ Radio & CD Player Music System 4 out of 5

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At #MajorityHQ we celebrate audio in all forms. From digital sound via DAB+ radio or playlists via the Bluetooth connection, to physical media on the built-in CD player, the #MajorityOakington is in tune with the modern audiophiles needs for every occasion.

Thank you, Reach plc for reviewing our all-in-one music system and your continued support if our product range. We're thrilled to see the Majority Oakington in Wales Online, Nottingham Post and in our home county, Cambridgeshire Live!

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#MajorityInThePress : WHAT HIFI features the Majority Oakington Bluetooth DAB Radio & CD Player Music System

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After the Bank Holiday weekend, we're thrilled to be back in the office and celebrating the #MajorityOakington being featured in #WhatHIFI. Highlighting its breadth of features, the Majority Oakington is perfect for the audio enthusiast looking for affordable audio.

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What Gadget gives the Majority Bard 2.1 Bluetooth Internet Radio & Spotify Connect Music System 5 out of 5

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"The Majority Bard is a fantastic Internet radio with access to over 25,000 stations as well as the option to listen to Spotify Connect, DAB and even FM radio. The audio quality is of a very high standard that even comes with an EQ to get the very best audio quality to suit your personal taste." What Gadget

Where fashion meets function, the Majority Bard 2.1 100W Music System will instantly elevate your home audio to a superior listening experience. Be it China, Canada or everywhere in between, jump into the evolving world of radio and explore over 25,000 radio stations across the globe plus the very best of DAB+ & FM Radio. After you’ve had your daily radio fix, delve into Spotify using Spotify Connect. Simply, tune the dial on the Majority Bard and listen to everything from movie soundtracks to fitness podcasts. Speaking of podcasts, the Majority Bard is so focused on delivering a cutting-edge audio experience that, uses the built-in Podcast Player to listen to the podcasts from anywhere and everywhere.  From the best of Beethoven on DAB Radio to Elvis Presley’s hip-shaking hits on Spotify Connect, with the Internal Subwoofer, the Majority Bard will change how you experience audio. Delivering a clear and crisp bass, fill the room with your favourite sounds.  Whether you’re a night owl who needs the radio to get up and go or want to start your day with a musical kick, with the dual alarm, experience the magnetic sounds the Majority Bard offers.

Thank you to Tech Reviewer website, What Gadget for the glowing review of the Majority Bard 2.1 Bluetooth Internet Radio Music System with Built-In Subwoofer, Spotify Connect and Podcast Player.

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Expert Reviews name the Majority Bard & Majority Quadriga as the top Internet Radios of 2023

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"Roughly the size of a shoebox, the Majority Bard crams a lot of internet radio into a surprisingly compact unit."

Collating their top picks for Internet radios, Expert Reviews named not one but TWO Majority Internet radios! Our newest additions to our music system range, the Bard and Quadriga come in at number 3 and 5, respectively.

"The Majority Quadriga is an all-in-one radio and music system, delivering not just Internet and DAB+ radio, but Spotify streaming, podcasts, Bluetooth audio and even a built-in CD player."

Noting the size and powerful audio quality, Expert Reviews highlights the array of features the Majority Quadriga possesses from Spotify Streaming to Bluetooth audio on top of Internet & DAB+ Radio. While the"shoe-box size" Majority Bard is celebrated for hosting a 2.1 speaker system with two 4-inch speakers firing out audio from either side and a 5-inch bass speaker projecting from the top.

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NikkTech gives the Majority Quadriga 2.1 Bluetooth Internet Radio & CD Player Music System the Golden Nikk Award

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"The Majority Quadriga is the 3rd DAB and Internet radio I’ve used to date and it's also the best, not only because it comes ready with a 2.1 speaker system but also because it features a very convenient CD player (yes, my entire collection has been digital for many years now but I still have some oldies which seem to sound better on CD)." 

Featuring 2.1 Channel, Internet & DAB Radio, CD Player, Spotify Connect and a built-in Podcast Player, it's no secret that the #MajorityQuadriga Music System is our most decorated music system to date. From customers to content creators, we've had glowing reviews from our users and we're thrilled to see the response from Greece-based press, NikKTech.

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A big thank you to NikKTech for their in-depth review of the Majority Quadriga 👏 📻 🎶

PRODUCT LAUNCH: Majority Petersfield Go 2 Portable DAB+ & FM Pocket Radio

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Majority Petersfield Go 2 Portable DAB+ & FM Pocket Radio
Majority Petersfield Go 2 Portable DAB+ & FM Pocket Radio

The Majority Petersfield Go 2 DAB+ & FM Pocket Radio is part of Majority’s active range of portable and rechargeable DAB pocket radios. Perfect to fit inside a pocket, the Petersfield Go 2 is ideal for sports, or just to take it on the go as you walk. Offering up to 10 hours of playtime from one single charge, the Majority Petersfield Go 2 is designed for the audio enthusiast with places to go and audio to listen to. From only 30 minutes of charging, zone out from your surroundings and lose yourself in your favourite sounds for up to 2 hours. Simply connect the USB-C cable, charge the Majority Petersfield Go 2, and experience the amazing quality. Weighing in at only 65g, the Majority Petersfield Go 2 Pocket DAB+ FM Radio is the device every modern audiophile needs in their bag or suitcase! The petite design measuring 5.1cm x 1.6cm x 9.0cm (L x W x H) fits easily in your pocket and the included earphones fit comfortably in your ears.

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Support Breast Cancer Research when you buy the Majority Histon DAB Radio in ROSE for only £19.95!

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Majority is offering the Majority Histon DAB Radio in Rose for 46% less! For every unit we sell, we're donating £1 to Breast Cancer UK.

Small but mighty, the Majority Histon Compact DAB & FM Radio is the perfect companion for listeners on the go. Its compact size with mono speakers makes it ideal to bring the party with you wherever you go. With 20 presets, wake up with Histon’s excellent sound quality or relax at the end of a busy day with your favourite local radio stations. Plus, with a headphone connection, the slim and sleek lightweight radio is a great addition to a weekend away or a day at the park. 

Please Note: This discount code expires on Monday 24th October at 11:59am.

Majority Audio: 50% off the Majority Boxworth Portable Bluetooth CD Player & DAB Radio Boombox

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Majority are thrilled to share that the Majority Boxworth Bluetooth CD Player & DAB Radio Boombox is where retro meets contemporary- with 50% off until 17/10/22 at 11:59am.

Between AUX-input, USB stick reader, MP3 Playback, Bluetooth Speakers and a CD Player, the Majority Boxworth will maximise any audio experience. With a host of features, the all-in-one entertainment device will keep you occupied with everything from streaming back-to-back podcast episodes to playing your favourite CDs, plus the ever-popular world of DAB+ radio with 20 Presets. The lightweight design is ideal to take on the go. So, whether you want your favourite sounds on the trip to the beach or like to listen to audiobooks while you cook, the Boxworth delivers amazing stereo sound for all your listening needs!