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October 2019 - Branded packaging tape offer

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SPECIAL OFFER - selected custom printed tapes on sale*: 20% OFF

RAJATAPE custom printed low noise polypropylene tape

Instant bonding: ideal for all round sealing for cartons and packages.

REDUCED PRICE 20% OFF + FREE artwork on 144 rolls or more

From £2.29 £1.83 per roll

Discover our ecological alternative

RAJATAPE custom printed self-adhesive paper tape

Environmentally friendly: can be recycled with the box.

REDUCED PRICE 20% OFF + FREE artwork on 72 rolls or more

From £3.29 £2.60 per roll

Terms: The customised tape offer is only available on polypropylene and self-adhesive tape for up to 2 colour print. Offer expires 31st October 2019 11:59pm and cannot be in conjunction with any other offer or negotiated agreed pricing.

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Marianne | Tel: 01525 289 731 | email:

Rajapack | New Rajaprint Tape Customisation Tool + FREE ARTWORK special offer

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No. 1 in Europe for Packaging

Customise your packaging tape with Rajaprint

New tool just launched - Design your branded tape online + FREE ARTWORK special offers available

Rajaprint new tool

Tracking link:!!!id!!!& 


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Marianne | Tel: 01525 289 731 | email:


Get your logo on your retail bags for FREE with Rajapack

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Hi Affiliates

Personalising your products is important especially if you want your brand to be seen, retailers can put their brand on display with free customisation on matt laminated bags. 

Rajapack logo

Title: FREE customisation on matt laminated bags - ideal for retailers! Put your brand on display!


Tracking link:!!!id!!!&clickref=&

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Thanks, Marianne | Tel: 01525 289 731 | email: | Skype: MLeeRajapack

New Product Launch OFFER - Free Artwork on Rajaprint Bags from Rajapack

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Rajapack newsletter banner

New Product Launch OFFER- Rajaprint bags, Your Online Personalistion Tool 

FREE Artwork on Matt Laminated Bags



Please update your site with the latest news from Rajapack, businesses can customise and design bags for FREE*, with Rajaprint bags.  This is an online tool where you can personalise and customise bags to match your business.

You can select from;

  • Matt laminated to give a glossy shine and large enough to fit a variety of items
  • A canvas shopper - the eco-friendly alternative and a practical choice to pop over your shoulder
  • Jute bag - a strong choice, popular with food shops and of course eco-friendly
  • Or a kraft bag - the classic and fashionable choice, lets not forget eco-friendly too!

Just pick the colours available and add your logo!

And to see your bag in action click here.

*Please see site for full terms.  Free customisation is only available on matt laminated bags.

Here's the tracking link:

<a href="!!!id!!!&clickref=&" onmouseover="self.status=''; return true;" onmouseout="self.status=''; return true;" target="_top">Rajapack</a>

Please remember NO ID NO COMMISSION,so please update the link!

And let me know if you need anything else to promote this offer.


Marianne  | Tel: 01525 289 731 | email: | Skype: MLeeRajapack



Transform Your Images - Personalised Wall Art & 50% OFF!

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Welcome to the latest newsletter from Transform Your Images and Silverbean.

Transform Your Images stock a whole host of Wall Art Canvases that can tie up any event, friendship, moment, location or pretty much anything significant to you; captured on a canvas size and colour scheme to suit your wall - these funky, clever and beautiful works of art can be yours at 50% OFF with the code, MAR50.

From text, cartoons and images; we can create the ultimate personalised masterpiece for any home - now with 50% off everything!


1. Owls Personalised Wall Art

For the sisters of the night; whether it's out on the town together or late night movie marathon teams; you will be ultimately, a pair of night Owls - make it official with this personalized Owls Wall Art!
Prices starting from £30.00 £15.00 with code: MAR50

Owls Wall Art Link:

Owls Wall Art Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

2. Co Ordinates Personalized Wall Art

Have a favourite holiday destination? Proud of your roots? Is there a specific location that you hold close to your heart?
Dedicate this Co Ordinates Wall Art Canvas to your chosen location with GPS coordinates in a range of colours, sizes and optional text additions.
Prices starting from £60.00 £30.00 with code: MAR50

Co Ordinates Personalised Wall Art Link:

Co Ordinates Personalised Wall Art Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

3. Bus Blind Personalised Wall Art

Where are you from? What do you do? Where did you study? What's your hobbies?
Capture everything about you on the Bus Blind Wall Art Canvas.
Prices starting from £60.00 £30.00 with code: MAR50

Bus Blind Personalised Wall Art Link: buy/bus-blind-white-background-personalised-canvas-wall-art_2355.htm

Bus Blind Personalised Wall Art Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref= & white-background-personalised-canvas-wall-art_2355.htm

4. Flamingos Personalised Wall Art

Give the one you love this Flamingo heart shaped Wall Art piece with a choice of colours, sizes and of course your name and the special one in your life.
Prices starting from £30.00 £15.00 with code: MAR50

Flamingos Personalised Wall Art Link:

Flamingos Personalised Wall Art Deeplink:!!!id!!!& clickref=& %2Fflamingos-personalised-wall-art_2444.htm

5. UK Heart GPS Map Wall Art

A great present for any newly married couple; a unique style to celebrate a specific date associated with a specific UK location.
Prices starting from £30.00 £15.00 with code: MAR50

UK Map Personalised Wall Art Link:

UK Map Personalised Wall Art Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

Get these personalised prints and much more at half price with code: MAR50

Promotion: Everything Half Price
Starts: NOW
Expiry Monday 30th March 2015
Code: MAR50

Transform Your Images Link:

Transform Your Images Deeplink:!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

If you would like to discuss any promotional opportunities please get in touch today!

If you have any queries, or would like to request anything please contact Nic Yates at Silverbean, and he will be happy to help:

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Create your own Sunglasses with Urban Surfer!

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Hi Affiliates!

We are pleased to announce customers can now create your own unique sunglasses with Adidas and Urban Surfer!

Instead of hunting around for the right shape and colour, customers can choose exactly what they want and have Adidas make them specially.

To design the glasses, simply head over to

Below are some of our designs! There is millions of combinations.

Once designed, the customer will be given a unique customize ID. 

With this ID,  the customer would return to Urban Surfer by simply following the link below. They would then add their customize ID into the comments box whilst ordering. This will enable us to get the sunglasses created by Adidas.!!!id!!!&clickref=&

(Remember to replace !!!id!!! with your own ID)

If no ID is added to the comments, we'll send the glasses shown in the image.

Happy promoting!

Lee Bowdler
Urban Surfer