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WHEELIES - Cross Device Tracking & Payment By Assist!

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Wheelies Newletter

- Cross Device Tracking & Payment By Assist!

Welcome to the latest newsletter from Wheelies and Silverbean.

Wheelies have
recently introduced two new features on their affiliate program that
significantly benefit publishers; cross device tracking and
commission by assist

Win a Case of Wine!

addition to the extra earnings you can now make in commission, the
publisher with the most cross device tracked sales and payment by
assist sales by May 31st
will be rewarded by Wheelies
with a free case of wine
(6 bottles)
! The winner will be announced in early June.

Device Tracking – rewarding sales across
multiple devices

to research from Google, 67% of consumers make e-commerce journeys on
more than one device. This figure is growing all the time as the trend
towards a ‘multi-device’ life continues apace.
way consumers are accessing
and interacting with content has evolved and customer
journeys are now not
just spanning multiple channels, but they are also across different

For a channel that has been premised on a last click basis and
affiliates for the sales they have delivered, cross device journeys
presented a
problem. Without launching a cross device solution, it was impossible
to track
cross device interactions and this meant our publishers were losing out
commissions for sales that they had influenced.

Wheelies have
now enabled Cross Device Tracking on their affiliate

meaning that publishers will now be rewarded
sales for traffic across multiple devices
based on the

Wheelies have a strong
content plan for 2016 and believe rewarding
publishers based on cross device interactions is mutually beneficial to
publisher based on their attribution to the sale. Cross Device Tracking
is now
live, you do not have to do anything to opt into this. 

by Assist – rewarding publishers for
influencing a sale (£1)

Wheelies has also set up
‘Payment by Assist’ via Affiliate

means we are able to reward publishers who assist in or
influence a sale
, even though you are not be the last click.
You can
earn £1 per sale you assist, up to
a maximum of £10
per day

find this is especially useful for content publishers, and ensures
you are being recognised for your contribution. If you are a content
and are interested in working with Wheelies on a payment by assist
please contact to
discuss further.



you have any queries, or would like to request anything please contact
Nicholas Yates at Silverbean, and he will be happy to help:



telephone: +44 (0) 191 406 1200

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