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Nomow Artificial Grass | Revolutionary New Product | Combat the spread of viruses and bacteria with Pure Play Artificial Grass

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Pure Play Artificial Grass

We have some exciting news from Nomow Artificial Grass. We have launched a new product named ‘Pure Play’ which is made using the ground-breaking new material PURETi. This special material has the remarkable ability of being able to destroy viruses and bacteria, whilst also being able to simultaneously break down air pollution and bad odours.

The PURETi in Pure Play is a safe and innovative substance with lasting effectiveness that has had recognition and support from a number of high profile organisations including; NASA, the European iSCAPE project and the Katerva Award for Sustainability.

The PURETi built into the grass reacts with sunlight, and through a complex chain reaction creates compounds that actively destroy viruses and bacteria. And because PURETi is using sunlight as the source of energy, the active ingredients don’t need to be replenished.

What this means is that Pure Play Artificial Grass can help businesses and individuals in the fight against the spread of diseases. In the current climate, huge emphasis is being placed on trying to reduce the impact of the pandemic, and Pure Play’s self-sterilizing properties can help.

On top of this, Pure Play is able to clean air pollution and reduce harmful pollutants in the air, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). Pure Play is so efficient at doing this that 1 square metre of Pure Play is able to clean as much air as an entire tree. This means that 1 football pitch of Pure Play is equivalent to a 20 hectare forest located in the middle of a city.

Artificial grass is a brilliant solution for high-wear grassy areas the can become muddy over time. It is also a vibrant and fun safety surface that can brighten up grey concreted areas and transform them into amazing play environments for children. Pure Play takes one of our most popular artificial grasses and gives it the amazing abilities of being able to reduce air pollution and combat the spread of diseases.

We have Pure Play artificial grass on sale in our online shop at £21.30 per square metre. We have a 5% off discount code available for our site which is;


Details about this offer code can be found on the ‘My Offers’ part of Awin. This discount code expires on the 13th of January 2021. The discount code gives 5% off the value of the products in the basket. It excludes Accessories and Clearance items. This code only applies to 'supply only' sales and therefore excludes our installation service.

We would love to get the word out about our industry-changing new product. And we would like to help you get the right information out there so that you can send through purchase-ready users straight to our site.

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To learn more about artificial grass visit our website

You can also call our friendly sales team on 0800 587 0380 if you have any questions about how artificial grass works.

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WTTB Supporting The Community Through Covid-19 Pandemic

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At Where The Trade Buys, we want to support the community and acknowledge the great efforts our National Health Service and essential workers are putting in to ensure our nation comes through this crisis.

We are working hard with our partners to provide personal protection equipment (PPE) for NHS frontline workers during these unprecedented times. Throughout April we expect to produce 370,000 full face visors , with 500,000 units anticipated for production in both May and June.

We were delighted to partner with Prime Group and ProCo on this project and encourage other print companies around the world by sharing our technical artwork drawings. There are 500,000 NHS front line workers that need PPE each and every day, and a similar number in other care sectors, possibly for the next three to four months.

We have also designed a range of health and safety essentials to aid businesses during the Covid-19 lockdown, including PPE Tabard Aprons , Countertop Sneeze Guards and Social Distance Banners.

To find out more about how you can safeguard your business, and tap into our resources, during the lockdown, visit our Support Hub. We're also offering a discount on PPE products for NHS workers. If you are eligible, please contact us to utilise this offer.

If you have any upcoming opportunities please get in contact with our affiliate marketing manager

Coronavirus – an important update from Beaverbrooks

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Following our store closures on Monday 23rd March, we’ve been working hard to do what’s right by all of our colleagues, as well as our customers and communities. We’ve been reviewing our position daily.

Sadly, we feel it’s now the right time to take additional steps and so again, with a heavy heart, we’ve decided to close our website and warehouse operations until further notice too.

Whilst the Government has said online retailers can and should operate as normal, we no longer feel this is the right thing to do for our people. As always, our colleagues and Beaverbrooks family remain our number one focus right now, and we need to do this in order to keep them and their families safe.

We will be working hard to fulfil any existing orders made before 3pm Friday 27th March, but delivery may take slightly longer than usual. We won’t be able to accept any new orders or returns after this point, until further notice.

Please keep checking our website, blog and social channels in the coming weeks. We can’t wait for the moment we throw open our Beaverbrooks doors again and welcome you all back.