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Pharmacy2u - Great deals on conjunctivitis cure & prevention products

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Eye infections - prevention and cure

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With the approach of summer and an increase in pollen, there is an increased possibility of suffering from allergic conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is a very common condition which is painful and irritating for anyone unfortunate enough to catch it.

At Pharmacy2u, we are here to help you take care of your eyes and to help ensure you see the summer through clear and uninflamed eyes.

Did you know...

  • There are three main types of conjunctivitis: irritant; allergic and infective.
  • Infective conjunctivitis, caused by viruses, bacteria or sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia, is very common and causes about 35 per cent of all eye related problems in GPs' surgeries.
  • Irritant conjunctivitis occurs when chemicals like chlorine, shampoo, smoke, or a stray eyelash irritate your eyes and rubbing them makes it worse.
  • If your eyes are sensitive to pollen from grass, flowers or trees, you may develop allergic conjunctivitis, which becomes more common as summer approaches.
  • Conjunctivitis is contagious and easily spread because of cross contamination between people living in close proximity
Deals on Eye care
Refresh Ophthalmic Solution 0.4ml- £3.69
Refreshes the eye and treats the symptoms associated with dry eye typically tired eyes, soreness, burning or itching.

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Murine Bright & Moist Eyes - £3.99Murine Bright & Moist Eyes is a unique formulation not for only whitening your eyes but provides instant brightness and moisturisers then aswell. Murine Bright & Moist Eyes contains two moisturisers which refresh and soothes making them sparkle bright and relieves symptoms associated with dry eyes.

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Deals on conjunctivitis treatment
Altacor Clinitas Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops - £5.99

Clinitas Soother is a 0.4% ophthalmic solution of sodium hyaluronate, obtained by biotechnological synthesis. Sodium hyaluronate has muco-mimetic, muo-adhesive and viscoelastic properties that improve tear film stability and keeps the ocular surface comfortable.

RRP £6.62 - Saving £0.63 - Price £5.99 - Discount 10%

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  Optrex ActiMist Itchy Watery Eyes- £13.99Optrex ActiMist Itchy Watery Eyes repairs your eyes natural protective moisture barrier. Clinically proven to reduce itchiness in and around eyes, will not smudge makeup. Instantly cools, soothes and relieves itchy and watery eyes due to a disturbed lipid layer of the eyes year film can be associated with allergies to pollen, or to other environmental factors (e.g. air conditioning).

RRP £15.31 - Saving £1.32 - Price £13.99 - Discount 9%

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Optrex infected eyes eye ointment  - £5.29 
Optrex Infected Eyes Eye Ointment is a topical ointment for administration to the eye only, it contains an antibiotic called chloramphenicol. When chloramphenicol is given in eye ointment, it is used to treat bacterial infections that affect the front surfaces of the eye. The most common type of infection is bacterial conjunctivitis.

RRP £5.72 - Saving £0.43 - Price £5.29- Discount 8%

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