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New Rajapack Catalogue - Out Now! With Up to 35% OFF

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The Rajapack New Catalogue is Out Now! Up to 35% most of our packaging ranges! 

Our twice-yearly catalogue is out 1st September 2015 with new product lines and ranges.  Working with customers and suppliers, this new catalogue has been updated with latest promotions and product selections to provide a relevant choice of packaging essentials for all businesses in various industries.  

Rajapack catalogue-0915


Each product range holds its own promotions, discounts and offers, so make sure you take a look!

Please update our latest news on your site and promote the new catalogue!

Please remember NO ID NO COMMISSION!

Request the latest catalogue here         View the new interactive online catalogue here


Special shops - Our Special Shops provide products catering for specific sectors.

eCommerce packaging E-shop - Online stores such as PowerSellers, retail and beauty.

Rajaboutique - Gift and presentation packaging for a special touch to wrap and decorate your items.

Rajabag - Bagging and collating for organising, mailing and shipping various products.

Rajapro - Warehouse, handling and storage to help ease packing operations and processes.

Please let me know if you need anything else to promote this new campaign.


Thanks! Marianne,

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New ship added on the Holyhead Dublin route

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Irish Ferries is to increase its capacity and frequency on the Dublin to Holyhead route through the introduction of a third ship in December 2013.

Currently Irish Ferries operates eight sailings per day on the key Irish Sea route with the flagship Ulysses and the High Speed Craft Jonathan Swift

Irish Ferries has chartered the Epsilon ( 2011 built ) to supplement its existing Ireland to Britain services. The ship will provide two additional departures per day in each direction which will result in an increase in the company’s schedule to a maximum of twelve sailings between Dublin and Holyhead each day. The recently built vessel will provide significant vehicle capacity along with modern facilities on board including cabins, bar/cafeteria and self-service restaurant.

Targeting the growing Freight and Tourism markets, the Epsilon will further improve Irish Ferries’ range of offers to its customers on the Irish Sea. In addition to the improved frequency on its Dublin to Holyhead route, the chartered vessel will also provide opportunities for improved annual dry-dock cover within the company’s fleet along with scope for increased capacity on other Irish Ferries’ Irish Sea and Ireland to France services. Details of the new schedule will be confirmed shortly.

Commenting on the announcement, Irish Ferries’ Marketing Director, Tony Kelly, said,  " Irish Ferries decision to invest in additional capacity at this time is a major vote of confidence by the Republic of Ireland’s leading ferry operator in the recovery of the country’s economy. We believe that Ireland has turned the corner and we are prepared to invest in the provision of improved services for our valued Freight and Tourism customers who have shown fantastic loyalty throughout the last five difficult years. ”