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We all know the color rules of fashion… but why shouldn’t we think outside of the box and break the rules sometimes? To help you create the most beautiful and stylish color block looks, we collected our top four rare color combinations.

Red & Pink

Emma Stone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna – just a few names who taught us how to rock the pink and red trend and look absolutely stunning in it. This vivid and feminine mix has to be one of the most popular color block combinations: these two colors look flattering with every skin tone and hair color, and can be easily toned down with a pinch of nude, pastel pink or black added to the outfit.

Red & Pink colour

Purple & Orange

This color combo is for all the brave women who are fond of bright colours and creative fashion solutions. After the Balmain 2015 Fall/Winter Fashion Show, the purple-orange trend exploded, and we could see it everywhere from red carpets to the cover of Glamour with Jennifer Lawrence, so besides being unique, it is a stylish choice as well approved by Olivier Rousteing.

Purple & Orange


Dark Blue & Black & White

Dark blue and black was one of the biggest fashion sins until Yves Saint Laurent decided to break the rules and created a huge trend from these two. During the years, white has been added to the mix as well, which gives a softer and more natural vibe to any dark blue and black look.

Colours combination


Baby Blue & Dark Brown

Pastel blues are usually mixed together with black, darker blues or greens, so the warm undertoned dark brown is definitely a surprise choice… and it didn’t disappoint us at all. While the light blue gives the outfit a feminine, soft and playful vibe, the dark brown keeps it very elegant and sophisticated, and who could resist that combination?

Light blue & brown


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