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Ideal World One Time Only Event Starts Sunday!

Written by Gary on . Posted in Awin, Home & Garden, Home Appliances, Promotion

Merchant ID: 2516

Merchant Name: Ideal World

Offer: Ideal World Spring Spruce Up! Starts Sunday!

Start Date: 02/03/2014 (9pm)

End Date: 09/03/2014

Commission Rates: Up To 7% Commission


Offer Details:

A whole week of One Time Only special products and offers at Ideal World starts this Sunday at 9pm at Ideal World!

There will be a whole host of products featuring on the TV channel and website throughout the week and the link above will take you through to a landing page with all the featured products. (Please note this won't contain a full list of products until the event is due to start).

Commission rates here at Ideal World vary between the product categories, but with rates of up to 7% to be made for a completed sale this is sure to be a fantastic event for our affiliates to promote.

Listed below are a couple of the top products that will feature in the One Time Only event:

Gaggia Platinum Event Coffee Maker - Usual Price £599.99 - Event Price £399.99!
















What could be better than that perfect espresso or cappuccino first thing in the morning - or whenever you want!

And this stylish, high-performing coffee machine from world-famous brand Gaggia is designed to deliver fantastic coffee every time.

Featuring an active heating element to keep your coffee cups warm, an electric cup lift to lower or raise the drip tray, and 15-bar pump pressure to ensure the perfect espresso, this marvellous machine is a must for anyone who's serious about the quality of their coffee!

Vibrapower Disc with Bonus Ankle and Hand Weight Set and Equipment Mat - Usual Price £299.99 - Event Price £174.99!
















  • A fun and innovative way to help you get on track with a new exercise routine
  • Get family and friends involved
  • Choose from a variety of funky colours
  • Compact enough to store away when not in use – perfect for small or busy homes
  • Easy to use, can even use while watching TV

Vibration Exercise machines have become so popular here at Ideal World; they give you a fun new way to work out in the comfort of your own home!

Exercising on the Vibrapower-Disc may provide added benefits to your normal routine. It helps to you to exercise in a different way, just stand on the oscillating plate and continue with your basic exercises like squats, press ups etc…. and feel the difference.