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Are You Prepared For The Storm?

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With yellow and amber weather warnings being issued across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Storm Dudley is set to hit with gusts of up to 90mph expected.

Protect your home from power cuts with a standby generator.

If strong winds uproot any trees or make a mess in your garden, we've got you covered. Trim back branches or cut down dangerous trees on your property after the storm with our range of petrol and electric Hyundai chainsaws.

Our selection of Hyundai Wood Chippers can shred any fallen trees or branches you’re trimmed back with your chainsaw into easy-to-manage chippings. Chipping your wood will allow you to fit much more of it into your waste or compost bin.

Did you know that you can also use chippings in your garden to reduce weeds in your flowerpots or beds and hold moisture in the soil?

Not only great for clearing up leaves during autumn, Hyundai Leaf Blowers are great for removing small twigs and other debris from your lawn, flowerbeds, patio, or other outside spaces after a storm.

If you’ve experienced a lot of rain, our range of reliable water pumps are great for irrigating flooded areas of gardens as well as any flooding in homes or basements.

For cleaning up any outside spaces, our range of Hyundai Pressure Washers and accessories can help remove any mud or dirt from driveways, patios or even house exteriors.

Get prepared for whatever the weather throws at you with Hyundai Power Products.

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