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Trusted Travel Launches New Website

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Trusted Travel's V2 website is a game changer.


Airport parking is notorious for being less than secure, with a new news article released almost weekly about the latest mishap involving thousands of people's cars being left in fields and streets.

Trusted Travel have always sought to oppose this trend and launch the TRUSTED SCORE last week.

The Trusted Score is an algorithm that scores all UK car parks out of 99 so customers can see in a single number how trustworthy an airport car park really is.

It doesn't care for fancy websites, company scale or grand gestures written down, it simply uses real data in real time to give users the most accurate representation of a product in the world.

The Trusted Score takes into account numerous factors from price, efficiency, security and distance and mixes it up with reviews from it's own customers as well as several external review sites and weights all reviews against the reviewers own authority based on volume and quality, preventing 'review fraud'. Additionally complaints factor into the score in terms of the number, how quickly the resolution was found and how well it was handled by the supplier, also the satisfaction of the customer and ourselves in the process.

There is simply no better way to find a secure car park in the UK today.

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London City Airport

100% Commission Increase On All Car Park Bookings - For Two Weeks At 16%!

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100% increase in commission will be paid on all Car Park bookings at London City Airport until 15th November - 16%! (usually 8%).

To celebrate the launch of the enhanced London City Airport affiliate program you will earn DOUBLE COMMISSION for all London City Airport Car Park bookings - a huge 16%, usually 8%. This will run for the next two weeks and will end on the 15th November.

In addition to the double commission on London City Airport Car Parking you will also receive commission when people book Flights, Hotels and Packages at

Dedicated landing pages have been created to support this.

Book Car Parking

Book a Hotel

Book a Flight

Book a Package


London City Airport is the only London airport situated in London itself, just three miles from Canary Wharf, seven miles from the City and 10 miles from London’s West End. Perfect for those people who wish to spend more time at their destination and less time travelling.

The airport offers a unique rapid transit proposition – a short check in, just 20 mins from terminal door to lounge, and a shorter arrival time, just 15 mins from tarmac to train, taxi or carpark.  Airlines flying out of the Airport include British Airways, Alitalia, City Jet, SWISS and FlyBe. London City Airport serves over 47 destinations and provides the quickest transport solutions for central London, saving travellers hours in commuting time. In 2011 London City Airport celebrated its millionth flight, 36th millionth passenger and 25 years of operation, in 2015 it will serve over 4 million passengers.