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BULK POWDERS™ Photo Competition - Win 5kg Pure Whey Protein™

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Around The World In 30 Days

Win 5kg of Whey Protein - Let your website visitors know and enter yourself


We have just launched a fantastic new competition on our Facebook page and would love for you to promote it (and enter of course if you wish to do so!)

Content affiliates - copy on your website promoting the competition would be great. If you want to use your affiliate links too then you could always link to Pure Whey Protein™ within your copy which is the prize for the winning entry.

Feel free to take the competition homepage image and add it into your promo material as it is visually striking so should help get the entries rolling in.


Facebook competition free protein






We’re excited to launch a fantastic photo competition which will be running until the end of August giving you plenty of time to plan your entry.

Take a photo of a BULK POWDERS™ product or products in the most creative place you can think of. Once you have your photo, type in your email address, upload your photo using the ‘choose file’ button and then click enter for the chance to win 5kg of Pure Whey Protein™ (flavour of your choice!)

So if you’re going to Paris, how about a photo of a BULK POWDERS™ product up the Eiffel Tower? Visiting the pyramids of Egypt? Take a photo of our new flavoured BCAAs on top of a camel. Going on a night out with your mates? Why not wear our stylish BULK POWDERS™ tshirt!?

You don’t need to be going on holiday abroad to enter; simply use your imagination to find a quirky location and take your BULK POWDERS™ product(s) along for a quick photoshoot.

We will be adding your entries into a Facebook photo album called ‘Around the World in 30 Days’. Once the competition closes, we will select a shortlist and then let you vote for your favourite. Whoever tops the vote will win 5kg of Pure Whey Protein™!

So good luck, grab your BULK POWDERS™ product(s) and get snapping!


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