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Westin Gourmet Specials This Week - Save up to 50%

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Westin Gourmet Specials This Week - Save up to 50%
RRP £39.98
SAVE £13.49
ONLY £26.49

This is one of our best sellers - and there is an obvious reason why! These 200-250g chicken breast fillets are a lot bigger than the standard 125g one you'll usually find in most supermarkets - and with 5kg of succulent, lean and healthy fresh chicken you have a real bargain at these prices too!

Also Including:

2 x 6-7oz Prime Hache Steak
Was £5.99 NOW £2.99

Was is it exactly, is it a steak or is it a Burger? At Westin Gourmet we like to think of it as a bit of both.
460g BBQ Pork Ribs
was £6.29 NOW £3.9

Tons of flavour is packed into these ribs which have been marinated for 12 hours to ensure taste perfection and the rich BBQ sticky experience
250g Fresh Cooked & Peeled King Prawns
was £12.99 NOW £6.99

Great for a quick snack with a chilli dip or as a starter Mary Rose sauce and crunchy iceberg lettuce - marvellous!
24 x Meaty Sausages
was £15.96 NOW £9.99
Juicy, tender and delicious no matter how they're served, our gorgeous meaty sausages simply sizzle at every occasion...
2.27kg Smoked Back Bacon
was £17.99 NOW £9.99
Our Smoked Back Bacon is traditionally smoked after curing to preserve the subtle undertones created during smoking the process
1kg Jacket Potatoes
was £1.99 NOW £1.29
Nothing beats a great British Jacket Potato - what's better than tucking into a fluffy creamy potato with some great hearty fillings!
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CRAZY deal… 64 Sausages JUST £9.99 & MORE!

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CRAZY deal… 64 Sausages JUST £9.99 & MORE!

We are particularly proud of our wide range of sausages from the traditional award winning Cumberland sausage to our tasty gourmet blends full of tantalising flavours. We know this range of British sausages will delight your tastebuds - so give them a go now!

Due to popular demand, Westin Gourmet are proud to announce our new BIGGER sausage packs!

Still the same great tasting sausages you know and love - just in larger packs! Delivered fresh in convenient packs, you can keep one pack in the fridge and freeze the rest ready for when you need them (if you cant manage them all in one go).

Sausages are delicious all year round - from summertime barbecues to wintry sausage casserole or bangers and mash. We've got sausage your sausage needs covered here at Westin Gourmet.

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RRP £15.96
SAVE £5.97
ONLY £9.99

Not just to be reserved for Christmas these thin and long sausages are a classic breakfast option. They grill beautifully and are just the right amount of meat to add to your English breakfast and will sit nicely next to a grilled tomato and fried egg. Alternatively serve these slender sausages in a healthy sausage casserole or roll up into a sausage roll. However you choose to use them you will be picking up a super deal with 64 of our best sellers.

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RRP £15.96
SAVE £5.97
ONLY £9.99

Originally long and coiled these classic sausages that originate from Cumbria have been shaped into individual sausages. These award winning sausages still retain those traditional flavours that the Cumberland sausage is renowned for; herbs and spices and a lingering undertone of black pepper. This bargain box is bursting with 24 of the most popular and tastiest sausages for an amazing price. If you’re looking for a sausage with an extra flavour dimension, then this is the box for you.

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RRP £15.96
SAVE £5.97
ONLY £9.99

This economical sausage box is the perfect deal for the family. 24 of the tastiest, thickest and meatiest sausages. You can taste the pork in these sausages and ideal for those who enjoy a meatier bite. These bangers are ideal for everyday use in toad in the hole, bangers and mash and will slow cook in a casserole for a tender and succulent dish. They will also grill nicely for a leisurely breakfast or brunch. We are offering you 24 of these mega meaty sausages which will see you nicely through the week for all your family favourite meals.

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