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Expert Reviews name the Majority Bard & Majority Quadriga as the top Internet Radios of 2023

Written by Kemi Akilapa on . Posted in General Promotions, Gifts, Gadgets & Toys, UK

"Roughly the size of a shoebox, the Majority Bard crams a lot of internet radio into a surprisingly compact unit."

Collating their top picks for Internet radios, Expert Reviews named not one but TWO Majority Internet radios! Our newest additions to our music system range, the Bard and Quadriga come in at number 3 and 5, respectively.

"The Majority Quadriga is an all-in-one radio and music system, delivering not just Internet and DAB+ radio, but Spotify streaming, podcasts, Bluetooth audio and even a built-in CD player."

Noting the size and powerful audio quality, Expert Reviews highlights the array of features the Majority Quadriga possesses from Spotify Streaming to Bluetooth audio on top of Internet & DAB+ Radio. While the"shoe-box size" Majority Bard is celebrated for hosting a 2.1 speaker system with two 4-inch speakers firing out audio from either side and a 5-inch bass speaker projecting from the top.

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