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The weather is finally starting to warm up and the days are getting a little longer, which means one thing; it’s spring cleaning season. If you’re also wanting a fresh start as the seasons change but are struggling to work up the motivation to clean, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled 6 great tips below to help you work up the motivation to get the job done.

Break It Down

If you’re not the sort of person who likes cleaning, then you should think about breaking the job into manageable chunks and then making a realistic plan for how you’ll attack it. Try beginning with the room that requires the most work and then working your way downwards.


If you live in a household with other people, get started on delegating tasks so that the cleaning goes faster; rather than have everyone working on one room, you could try dividing tasks – one person handles the floors, someone else deals with the kitchen and bathroom, and someone else declutters. This way nobody does the whole thing on their own, and the cleaning goes much faster.

Get Some Good Storage

Trust us, the cleaning will go much faster if you don’t constantly have to find places for things you don’t have room for. You’d be surprised how much some furniture with built-in storage can actually store- our Extra Storage Ottomans, for example, are capable of holding a lot of stuff whilst still looking stylish. If you can sort and store your clutter rather than just moving it around, your home will look and feel lighter and the job will go a lot faster.

Work in Short Bursts

If you feel like it’s a massive mountain to climb, just work in short bursts- set yourself a timer for fifteen minutes, and just get as much done as you can in that time. If the timer runs out and you still feel demotivated, you can set it aside for another day, but more often than not you’ll get much more done than you think you will, and it’ll help motivate you to carry on.

Treat Yourself

Buy yourself something to look forward to once you’ve finished; whether this is some good chocolate or something to pamper yourself with, it’ll make you feel like you’re working towards something.

Find Something To Listen To

The process will go much, much faster if you’ve got something to occupy your brain. You could listen to music you love, but we’d particularly recommend putting on a podcast and getting lost in a story- our favourites include ‘Something True’ and ‘This American Life’.


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It might not feel like it, but spring is definitely on the horizon. In fact, some parts of the UK are due to reach double figures this week, so it actually might be time to start getting ready for things to warm up. If you’re a décor lover, spring coming means one thing; time to start switching out your winter interiors for something more seasonal. Here, we’ve compiled ten easy tips to get you started without breaking the bank.

Bring Nature Indoors

If you’re not getting out as much as you’d like to be right now, the best solution is to bring nature indoors to freshen up your home. Seasonal flowers will make a world of difference- right now, hyacinths, crocuses and daffodils are all in bloom across the UK.

Switch Up Your Colour Scheme

Wintry colour palettes that make things seem warm and cosy can make a home feel dark and oppressive when the weather changes outside. Where traditional winter palettes tend to be harmonious; colours in the same family in different tones, spring colour schemes use light colours and contrast to make things feel light and energised, so try adding a brighter accent.

Change Out Your Fabrics

The same idea applies here; in winter we tend to favour fabrics that are heavy and make us feel warmer; things like thick wool blankets and cushions and heavy rugs. These things can start to feel suffocating when the home gets warmer, so it’s a good idea to switch them out for fabrics like cotton and linen that are breathable.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Although it’s not technically a spring-only thing, there’s a reason we call this type of overhaul a ‘spring clean’- after a long winter where it’s hard to have the energy to get up and do a proper deep-clean, spring cleaning makes the house feel re-energised. It’s particularly useful in lockdown, both as a distraction and to make you feel more in control of your space.

Freshen Up The Paintwork

Even if you aren’t up for totally redecorating, something as simple as using any leftover paint you might have to put a fresh coat on things like doors, cupboards and skirting boards that see a lot of use and get scuffed up quickly will make your whole house feel newer and brighter.

Change Out the Candles

If you’re a fan of scented candles or diffusers, now might be the time to switch out spiced winter scents for more floral spring ones. If floral scents aren’t your thing, you could opt for something citrus-y or keep it clean with a cotton-scented candle or diffuser.

Get Organised

We all accumulate stuff over the holiday period, and one of the best ways to feel like you’ve had a fresh start is to get it all organised. Clearing out anything that needs clearing out and put anything you aren’t using into storage is a great way to make your space feel a little bit more like your own.

Treat Yourself To Something New

You don’t have to totally overhaul your home to make it feel brand new- just buying one thing to create a new focal point is sometimes all you need. Our suggestion would, of course, be to treat yourself to a new bed, but we might be biased.

Get Your Summer Clothes Out

This might be less of a décor hack and more of a mental health one, but whilst you’re redecorating, putting your summer clothes out and your winter ones away is a great way to remind you that brighter days are coming.


Moving things around won’t cost you anything, but it will change how it feels to live in your home, and make you feel a little more refreshed and at peace. It’s also a great way to feel like you’ve switched up your environment with absolutely minimal effort.

Arista Living - Half Price Bed, Half Price Mattress!

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We have a new offer, just in time for the December and January sales! It's our brand new bundle deal.

Design your own bed and use the code WIN50 for 50% off, if that wasn't enough - you can now take advantage of our bundle deal to get a whopping 50% off a new mattress too! Please note that using this code results in 5% commission.

We believe relaxation should start at the beginning. We made our first bed in 2006, a lot has changed over the years. Todays demand due to small spaces means we demand more storage for our beds so we help customers find the perfect look, colour and size, that still meets their storage needs.
We wanted a solution that makes our customers lives easier, so after years of research and development, came the bed designer tool. The bed designer tool means that customers can have the look they want, the way they want it, without breaking the bank.

We've just launched our new mattress range! We don't want to bore you with springs and things, we just wanted to give you the same mattress in a box without the faff. Simply slide our slothometer and choose how you want to sloth. You get all the standard mattress in box but without all the faff:

10 years guarantee
100 night free trail
Free delivery

Please let us know if you would like to join our program, we would love to have you on board.

Arista Living

Dunelm Mill: Global Fusion Bedroom - get the look

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Hi Affiliates


Global Fusion Bedroom – buy the look

Go East with an abundance of accessories and trinkets to accentuate the worldly theme. Rich chocolate brown shades will create the perfect backdrop for the opulent Global Fusion theme. Patterned bedding in deep shades of tangerine and mahogany paired with sophisticated side lights will give your bedroom a touch of boutique hotel styling.



Terracotta Mizar Collection Duvet Cover Set
Price: from £11.99



Mink Rosalie Collection Knitted Throw
Price: £34.99



Abstract Metal Panel Wall Art
Price: £49.99



Cream Chenille Eyelet Curtain Collection
Price: from £49.99



Hotel Glass Wall Light
Price: £19.99



Winchester Bedroom Furniture Collection
Price: from £99.99 (bedside table)



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Hayley Burrows
Affiliate Programme Manager
Dunelm Mill