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aguulp launches gut probiotic

Written by Will Goodwin on . Posted in Health & Beauty, Product Launches, Promotion Type, UK

aguulp for biome is a powerful gut probiotic with 50 billion live bacteria to help improve gut health and function.

aguulp, co-founded by rapper Professor Green, is a health supplement company with a mission to improve everyone's gut health.

Packed full of 10 different bacterial strains, this probiotic is ideal for those looking to improve gut health and reducing unpleasant tummy issues, such as bloating, constipation, IBS, smelly farts and much more.

How is it different to other probiotics?

aguulp for biome is a powerful probiotic and prebiotic supplement with 50 billion live bacteria.

It’s a jump start for your gut, designed to reintroduce friendly bacteria in the form of a probiotic powder, with the aim of repopulating and rebalancing your gut microbiome. 

Probiotics are beneficial strains of live bacteria that the gut needs for optimal health, while prebiotics are the plant fibres that the probiotics (bacteria) need to survive and thrive. 

prebiotics = food for the good gut bacteria in your microbiome
probiotics = external supply of more good gut bacteria

By taking them together in synbiotic form, you are repopulating your gut with good bacteria, while providing the bacteria with the nutrients they need to work properly. 

The product is now available after a very successful pre-launch.

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