Sterling silver ear cuff collection at e&e Jewellery -11% CPA

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e&e jewellery prides itself on offering the latest trends in silver ear cuffs at affordable prices. Our extensive collection of jewellery, including ear cuffs is available on our website and through our shop based in London, UK. This means if you are looking for a new silver ear cuff you can visit our shop, or you can browse our online store to take advantage of all our latest deals. You can add a beautiful ear cuff to your collection for only £12 each 2 for £20. Visit to see our latest collection of silver jewellery.

All of the pieces of jewellery in our collections at e&e jewellery have been handmade using 925 sterling silver. This means our jewellery is durable and will last well.

Our ear cuffs come in a range of designs and we have some that are gold-plated and others that are made from sterling silver.

This x-cuff is made from sterling silver, but you can also get it as a gold-plated piece of silver jewellery. Cubic zirconia’s are used in some pieces of our jewellery to add some sparkle and shine. For those who like jewellery with symbolism, we have a range of evil eye and hamsa hand jewellery.

These are just some of our most popular ear cuffs.

Triple Silver Ear Cuff

You won’t need to add piercings to be able to wear these silver ear cuffs. The 3 curvy lines curl around with symmetrical gaps between each line to create a stunning ear cuff. You can easily adjust this ear cuff and wear it anywhere on your ear. Each ear cuff is £12 or £20 for two and they are made from 925 sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Tick Ear Cuff

This is a classic ear cuff that can be worn on its own or as part of a stack of ear cuffs and earrings. This is a bold piece of silver jewellery that will make a statement when you wear it. Each ear cuff is handmade from quality 925 sterling silver, making it the perfect addition to your collection of silver jewellery. This ear cuff is £12, or you can get two for £20.

Silver Double Line Ear Cuff

Looking for geometric ear cuffs for your collection? Add this double line ear cuff. The curvy lines are fashionable and will add a new dimension to your look. This unique design has been handmade from sterling silver to create a stunning piece of jewellery, perfect for your collection. You can get this ear cuff through our online store or from our shop in London for £12 or £20 for two.

Silver Leaf Ear Cuff

For something, a little more feminine and daintier, our silver leaf ear cuff is just the piece you need. The elegantly designed leaves wrap delicately around your ear and can be adjusted to easily fit anywhere on your ear. Made from non-allergenic material, you will never want to take this leaf design off. Each leaf has been individually engraved using 925 sterling silver.

Silver Large Moon Crescent Ear Cuff

This is a must-have statement piece for your ear cuff collection. The lunar shape of this ear cuff wraps around your ear, to create an amazing effect. The contrast of the two different textures, adds a new dimension to your look. You can wear this ear cuff on its own and it will make a statement, or you can pair it up with one of our other ear cuffs.

Rose gold-plated Compass Star Ear Cuff

This star shaped earring will help you to always head in the right direction. It  can be bought as a sterling silver ear cuff or rose gold-plated in 18kt gold. The pretty little sparkly stones are embedded in the star help to make it shine a little brighter. This pretty little ear cuff is £12 or £20 for two, making them affordable pieces to add to your collection of jewellery.

Evil eye Ear Cuff

Evil eye jewellery can help to protect you from evil glances and other ill will people may be adding to your life. Add this gold-plated ear cuff and you will constantly have the eye looking out into the world, protecting you from evil and malice.

Our extensive collection of quality silver jewellery can be found on our online store or in one of our retail stores in the UK. Each piece of our jewellery has been handmade by skilled jewellers using 925 sterling silver jewellery. E&e jewellery provides you with affordable, quality silver jewellery including a range of pieces from silver rings, necklaces, and earrings. Our ear cuffs are all available for £12 each or alternative you can take advantage of our deal of 20 for two ear cuffs. Browse for more of our quality sterling silver jewellery.

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