Sponsor Herbie, A New Puppy At Guide Dogs

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    Sponsor Herbie, A New Puppy At Guide Dogs

    At Guide Dogs, we have three new puppies to sponsor. Below is a brief introduction to Herbie.

    Herbie is a shy golden retriever cross labrador who loves having lots of cuddles!

    Herbie at Guide dogs

    Herbie is a shy little puppy who’s very affectionate and loves having lots of cuddles. He loves nothing more than having a nice long snooze after a busy day playing with his puppy pals. Why not play your part in Herbie’s amazing adventure by sponsoring him today?

    By Sponsoring Herbie you'll share every stage of his incredible journey to becoming a life-changing guide dog. You can even sponsor Herbie as a gift for someone special and print the photo and certificate straight away!

    Click here to find out more about Herbie and watch his video.

    What you'll get

    We want you to feel close to your puppy, so we'll send you regular Pupdates on how your pup’s training is going and what new things she has learnt! It's the next best thing to being right there; sharing in your puppy's little moments of achievement on his journey to becoming a guide dog. You'll also receive;

    - cute photos of your puppy
    - a photo album
    - a personalised certificate and
    - a gorgeous puppy calendar at the end of each year

    Start your sponsorship or learn more about the Sponsor a Puppy scheme.