Sponsor a Puppy with Guide Dogs: Scooby Spotlight

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Sponsor a Puppy with Guide Dogs: Scooby Spotlight


This handsome lad is a golden retriever cross Labrador, who loves to show off his cheeky side! Scooby's sure to have a very bright future ahead of him that he would love to share with you. He melts the hearts of all that meet him, and we're sure you'll agree he is very cute indeed! By sponsoring Scooby you'll be getting him off to a flying start with his training to become a life-changing guide dog. You can even sponsor Scooby as a gift for someone special!

What you'll get

We want you to feel close to your puppy, so we'll send you: - regular Pupdates on how your pup’s training is going and what new things she has learnt! It's the next best thing to being right there; sharing in your puppy's little moments of achievement on their journey to becoming a guide dog.

  • cute photos and videos as well as
  • a photo album and
  • a personalised certificate

Each year you'll also receive a gorgeous puppy calendar!

Start your sponsorship today or learn more about the Sponsor a Puppy scheme.

You can now also receive your Pupdates over email too! Make sure you let us know your email address to receive 'first look' video footage of your puppy, photos, plus lots of exciting extra content!