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We are delighted to announce the launch of Smiley affiliate programme on Affiliate Window.

Discover more about Smiley

Smiley is a unique lifestyle brand established for over 40 years as a champion for happiness and positivity. Born from the 1970s peace and love movement. Immortalised forever as the icon for the global explosion of house music in the 1980s. The Smiley face has never been more relevant than it is today. The staple vocabulary of the digital generation. Used by millions of people globally every day as an emoticon. The adopted brand of both the digital and DJ generations…

Smiley is a global lifestyle brand that specialises in fashion, homeware, FMCG and childrenswear products. Smiley also has strategic partnerships with some of the most influential names in popular culture including; Space Ibiza, H&M, Anya Hindmarch, Renault, Ferrero and Etam.

Smiley bestsellers:


The Smiley face was forever immortalised as the iconic image for house music and has been adopted by clubbers globally, adorning every dance floor from London to Chicago.

Smiley London pays homage to over two decades of dance music and DJ culture, a capsule collection dedicated to the electronic movement and drawing influence from over two decades of block rocking beats and the unique fashions that keep London at the forefront of street culture.

See the full Smiley London collection HERE



‘Smiley World’ embodies the spirit of the digital generation, replacing words with emoticons, the Smiley has become a universal language that everyone speaks.

Transcending the vast communication networks, emoticons are now the common thread across all media platforms.

Smiley World bring emoticons to life on a range of kids apparel, homeware and back to school products.

Kidswear  Men Underwear  Stationary  Gifting


HOMEWARES - ‘Happy Décor’

Bringing positivity, happiness and a Smiley face to bedrooms, kitchens, offices and snugs all over the globe. Drawing references from the design icons of pop-culture and remixed by Smiley, to create a unique range of innovative products for the home.

Brightening up homes with a splash of inspiring colour, a directional print or a humorous message. Smiley is ready to add a dash of pop and bright colours to any place.  Make your “Home A Happy Home” Homeware | Kitchen | Bedroom | Bathroom



We invite you to join the Smiley Affiliate Programme today!

To celebrate the launch of our affiliate program, Smiley is offering some of the highest commissions against our industry competitors, with best commission rates 10% for fashion, homeware and gifts PLUS A 5% INCENTIVE and 30 days cookies policy to help you in getting sales. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you a weekly updated product feed and constant newsletters of Smiley news, events and publisher promotions to our affiliates.

With an in house graphic design team you will receive 100% design support guaranteed!

Our design team works daily to provide you the best banner graphics in order to boost your sales and complement your website visual.


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