Slendertone Face - Pure Beauty Awards Winner 2012

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11th of October 2012 saw Slendertone Face win Best Premium Anti Ageing Product at the Pure Beauty Awards at London’s Savoy Hotel. In front of a celebrity audience which included TOWIE girls Lauren Goodger and, Amy Childs - both of whom are now involved in the beauty world with their own brands - as well as high profile hairdressers Charles Worthington and Lee Stafford and his actress fiancée Jessica Jane Clement.

Both the ‘original’ Slendertone Face and the special Philip Treacy edition use pioneering electronic muscle stimulating (EMS) technology which stimulates the facial nerves to activate natural muscle contractions and therefore exercise the face.   This lifting and anti-ageing device targets a key contributor to the ageing process - muscle wastage - which starts from as young as thirty years of age. As the facial muscles are directly attached to skin, when they lose mass the attached skin sags and hollows and causes ageing of the face.  Slendertone Face is able to restore the youthful shape of the face by toning and lifting the muscles naturally.  It also increases the blood flow to the face and within two weeks users have reported an improvement in their circulation and the boost of a healthy glow.

Both versions of the Slendertone Face have been specifically created for people who don’t want to have invasive anti-ageing treatments but want to restore the underlying architecture of the face.  Unlike facial freezing (Botox) which actually fosters the atrophication of the muscles and therefore increases the maturing look of the face, Slendertone Face provides a visible and natural lift to the face without the need for such treatments through toning the facial expression muscles which have a direct impact on aging the appearance.

NEW Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy
NEW Slendertone Face by Philip Treacy
Face by Philip Treacy - designed to give you a natural facelift, whilst looking fabulous too!
Our Price £400.00

Slendertone Face For Women
Slendertone Face For Women
Tone the muscles, lift the face- 99 intensity level 3 programmes - Lift, Massage & Radiance. Anti-aging results in 12 weeks.
Was £300.00
Now £250.00