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What with the ebb of the Olympics still burning a little, there has been an influx in parents taking their children to the pool. We want to keep this excitement alive, and what better way to keep the kids interested in the water, than a few pool toys? Simply Swim has a range of fun products that will keep your kids seeing the fun in the pool and hopefully keep them interested in this healthy and fab form of exercise!

Zoggs Seal Dive Sticks

The Zoggs seal dive sticks are a simple way to gain confidence in the water. Made from flexible soft tube, the sticks can be thrown in to the water and retrieved.
Price £9.80
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Zoggs Clam Dive and Hunt

The Zoggs clam dive and hunt is a great pool game to encourage childrens confidence and enjoyment in the water. In the bag are three clams, each with a matching image in both halves of the shell. Throw them into the water and then dive down to retrieve matching pairs. A great, fun game for the family.
Price £9.95
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Speedo Sea Squad Squirty

The fun Sea Squad Squirty Toys from Speedo are great for having fun at the swimming pool or in the bath. Kids will love catching them as they float and squirting water at you!
Price £8.00
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Speedo Sea Squad Dive Rings

These fun dive rings from Speedo are great for encouraging children to go underwater and will increase their confidence at the swimming pool.
Price £12.00
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Zoggs Seal Flips

The Seal Flips from Zoggs. Great little toys for the water that encourage confidence for young children. Blow and make the seal head flip. Includes 5 Seal Flips - Zoggy and Miss Zoggy.
Price £5.00
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If you need anything else or wish to discuss the programme more, please contact Hannah at Bright Digital Minds;
01629 815 888

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