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Strength equipment tends to be overlooked for the more popular products that everyone has heard of, or the latest craze. However, whether you're strengthening your core, your legs, your arms or  toning up where you can, Simply Sweat has a fantastic range of strength equipment for every muscle!

Reebok Train Pod
Reebok Train Pod - Blue
The Reebok Train Pod is a fun balancing tool for home fitness and is designed to work and tone muscles by providing instability to activate your muscles. The Train Pod is an unstable platform that means you have to work hard to balance and stabilise your body and will give you a total body workout.
Price £39.99
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Casall Chin Up Bar

Chin up bar from Casall. Classic training tool offering the best workout of the upper back. This chin up bar is easily installed in any doorway. With multiple functions and grips, it will work your biceps, triceps, abdominals, pectoral and oblique muscles. Also great for stretching your back. The bar is 70-100cm long and comes with door brackets.
Price £21.95
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Casall Hoola Hoop

Hoola Hoop from Casall. A great way to exercise your abdominal muscles, back, hips and legs and great fun too! This hoola hoop is foldable and comfortable to use as it is covered in a soft foam rubber shell.
Price £28.00
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Golds Gym Workout Set

The Golds Gym Heritage Workout Set is a complete home workout set of equipment including push up bars, telescopic pull up bar and a sit up bar. An ideal way to develop your strength and fitness at home.
Price £49.95
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Fitness Mad Studio Pro Adjustable Power Grip 5kg

The Fitness Mad Studio Pro Adjustable Power Grip allows you to increase the resistance from 5kg to 20kg as your strength develops. This ultimate hand and wrist exerciser has ergonomically sculpted handles with soft synthetic rubber inserts to ensure you have a comfortable grip even during longer exercising. .
Price £10.00
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