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If there is one thing that athletes, gymnasts, lifters, and hardcore trainers will tell you, it's to keep hydrated. What you lose in sweat you need to replenish again, so make sure you have a water bottle to hand every time you exercise. This not only keeps your body hydrated, but helps skin keep a youthful glow, as well as a need to survive! Simply Sweat has a great range of bottles and hydration packs, so matter if your in a class, in the gym, on the peaks or training for a marathon, there is something fro all disciplines.

Camelbak Podium Chill 610ml

The Podium Chill is the perfect sports bottle from Camelbak that gives you a totally refreshing, cool drink when you need it most. This Camelbak water bottle is leakproof and seal sealing so won't spill whilst your taking part in your sports activity or when in your gym bag. In cold weather this water bottle can double up by keeping your warm drink warm so is ideal for all conditions.
Price £9.95
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Ronhill Run Bottle

500ml plastic water bottle in fluorescent pink, designed to keep you hydrated on your run with a comfortable and adjustable reflective strap, neoprene grip and zipped neoprene pocket for gel packs, keys or money.
Price £8.00
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Nike Lightweight Running Carrier

The Lightweight Running Carrier from Nike is a soft, stretchy water bottle carrier with toggle closure that can be held whilst you run. The Terry cloth band at the back of the hand strap can be used to wipe sweat away when things heat up on your run.
Price £8.00
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Camelbak Antidote Reservoir 1.5l

The Antidote Reservoir 1.5 Litre capacity from Camelbak is the ultimate solution for keeping hydrated whilst on the move. An easy to use quick snap cap, air-light fill port and it has a low profile fit. Now you can stay hydrated for longer whilst you are cycling, running or on a long hike.
Price £22.00
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Classic 2L Hydration Pack

This lightweight minimalist hydration pack in black includes the new Antidote 2L reservoir system that keeps you hydrated for 2+ hours. Designed to store multi-tool, extra layer secured by bungee and keys. This is a great pack ideal for all bike enthusiasts who want a small lightweight hydration pack that will enhance their speed and enjoyment.
Price £39.99
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