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Trying to look good in front of the gym bunny who is running next to you on the treadmill can be difficult when you're getting more and more red, huffing and puffing and sweating like no other. Fear not! Number one. Sweating whilst exercise is a healthy release for those built up toxins and number 2. wipe it away before it has chance to land and make the machines wet. Simply Sweat have towels and sweatbands that can help beat those sweat beads before they have chance to land anywhere else.

Nike Sport Towel Large

Large Sport towel from Nike in purple and pink in 100% steam sheared Cotton for extra softness and absorption. This comfortable towel is great for taking to the pool and gym.
Price £25.00
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Fitness Mad Grip Dot Towel

The Grip Dot Towel from Fitness Mad is a highly versatile, super absorbent towel. Use it with the dots up for an anti slip yoga mat, either on its own, or on top of a class mat for hygeine. Or the mat can be used with the dots down to hold the mat in place which is ideal for use in hot climates.
Price £21.00
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Nike Womens Performance Towel Set

This Nike Performance Towel Set includes two co-ordinated towels ideal for the gym or spa day. This Nike towel set, one in blue and one in a grey, is ideal to suit changing moods or rotating your gym kit.
Price £25.00
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Casall Wristband

These soft cotton Wristbands from Casall in white with pink Casall logo, have great stretch and moisture wicking properties. Ideal for use at the gym, tennis and running.
Price £7.50
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Nike Fundamental Towel

The Fundamental Large Towel from Nike in white and black is made from cotton and ideal for use at the gym and swimming pool.
Price £25.00
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