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Pick yourself up everything you could possibly need to explore under the great blue oceans with our range of scuba kits. Find a kit matching your requirement and budget for great deals on buying multiple pieces of equipment. And as we only sell branded guages and consoles you can be sure your safety is our paramount concern.

Simply Scuba X-Force Plus Pack

The Force plus package offers Scubapro X-Force weight integrated BCD with the flagship high performance balanced and updated Mk25 S600 regulator set up. The C200 octopus offers good performance was an entry level alternate air source. The Suunto 2 in 1 pressure,depth gauge and compass on rear keeps the gauges to a minimum with pressure and depth clearly displayed. Supplied assembled and tested.
Only £895.00 (save 24%)
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Simply Scuba 8 Reg Pack

The Oceanic Alpha 8 CDX5 nearly always wins best low cost regulator in all dive magazine reviews. High performance and low maintence costs go hand in hand with this regulator. The Navcon console offer pressure (in bars), depth (in metres) and compass in a great shape console.
Only £335.00 (save26%)
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TUSA Platina Mask And Snorkel Package

The Platina package contains the popular Platina mask from TUSA along with the Hyperdry Snorkel. Both of these items have had excellent reviews. The package also contains a mask strap wrapper and a snorkel bag to keep it all in. Along with some Absolutely Clear.
Only £75.00 (save 21%)
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Simply Scuba S600 Regulator Pack

Scubapros updated Mk25AF S600 high performance regulator, with C200 octopus and Suunto's modular triple console - pressure, depth and compass on rear. Supplied assembled and tested.
Only £599.00 (save 20%)
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Simply Scuba XTX 200 Package

The XTX200 package is available as an air version (good up to 40% nitrox). Coupled with the matching XTX 40 octopus this package is suitable for both cold and warm water diving. Super clear Oceanic triple gauges and Apeks regulator bag complete the package.
Only £625.00 (save 23%)
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For our entire range of scuba kits:
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