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New Voucher Code For April
Code - APR7A
Offer - £5 off on orders over £75
Valid From - 01/04/2012
Valid To - 30/04/2012

Enjoying the ocean doesn't have to only take place metres below the surface. Did you know we have an array of snorkelling equipment for those that just fancy a dip now and then while enjoying the beach with family and friends?

TUSA Reef Tourer Fins

These great snorkelling fin have a slightly shorter blade length to make transportation and movement around the reef easier. The soft durable TPE full pocket offers a comfortable fit. The multiflex blade provides powerful propulsion whilst reducing fatigue.
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Mares X-Vision Mid Liquid Skin Mask

The X-Vision Mid Liquid Skin Mask from Mares is a perfect scuba and snorkelling mask for narrower faces. The Mid utilises Mares Liquid Skin technology which is constructed from two different types of silicone; a more solid version for support and structure and a softer version for contact with the face, making it 45% softer on the skin and 270% more elastic for a great fit.
The Mid provides panoramic views by having an open field of vision and a lower internal volume helps accomplish this. Masks with less internal volume are more compact to store in the jacket pocket and for Apnea of Freediving a lower volume mask makes it easier to compensate.
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Cressi Delta 1 Snorkel

The Delta 1 is a brand new reversible snorkel meaning you can use it on your right or left side and is perfect for snorkelling, scuba diving and free diving. This colourful snorkel has a flexible bore to facilitate with swimming and the top has been slightly bent to follow the diver's profile. A splash top prevents water from entering and this Cressi snorkel has a purge system with an elliptical valve. The mouthpiece is comfortable and identical to those mounted on their regulators so can even be swapped if required. The mask attachment is height adjustable and allows your mask to clip on easily.
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Cressi Coral Shoe

The Cressi Coral Shoe is ideal for wearing in the sea while paddling, snorkelling or just around the pool. The Cressi Coral Shoe is an adults beach shoe similar to the Tusa Beach Walker and Cressi Noumea shoes. The Coral sole has been made from plastic and a neoprene upper keeps feet warm but also includes webbing for a breathable and easy drain approach.
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Fourth Element Ladies Hydroskin Long Sleeve Top

The Ladies Hydroskin Long Sleeve Top from Fourth Elements has been made from a high grade lycra fabric and is designed to wear under a wetsuit or semi-dry suit or even as a UV shield for other watersport activities. The Hydroskin is extremely smooth which reduces friction between the skin and your wetsuit which helps to prevent chaffing.
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Visit our website for our full range snorkelling equipment -
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