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Kids and adults alike love to go swimming, and for those of us who like to explore, snorkelling is a fantastic way to keep entertained whilst on holiday. Simply Scuba boasts vast ranges of snorkelling equipment from beginnings to pros and all at amazing prices. Don't be a beach bum all holiday - get out in the water and discover some life beneath the waves and who knows, you might find Nemo!

Oceanic Arid Snorkel

The Oceanic Arid uses a wave deflector at the top of the snorkel bore to direct lapping water away and help prevent it entering the snorkel. A quick release sliding mask strap retainer allows improved fit, positioning of the snorkel and comfort after prolonged us.
Only £15.00
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Sherwood Scuba Allure Mask

The Sherwood Scuba Allure Mask is a twin lens, low profile mask that offers an excellent field of vision and also crystal clear clarity thanks to the use of a high quality glass lens. Quick adjustment strap buckles are fitted directly to the silicone skirt to allow for improved fit and flexibility.
Only £29.99
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Cressi Pluma Fin

The new Pluma fin is a snorkelling fin with some sophisticated technology previously only used on technical scuba diving fins. The Cressi Pluma uses a unique construction system which moulds 3 materials to produce a high performing, light weight and easy kicking fin which amazing comfort.
Only £20.00
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Aquapac Small Camera Case

The Small Camerea Case with Hard Lens from Aquapac is a waterproof case which fits small and mini digital cameras with a short zoom lens. The integrated external hard lens allows you to take excellent photos right through the case. It is guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps out dust and sand.
Only £35.00
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Oceanic Shadow Mask and Snorkel Package

The Oceanic Shadow package has everything you need for snorkelling, the excellent frameless Shadow mask from Oceanic combined with the Ultradry snorkel for extra comfort along with Scubaclear to stop it fogging up.
Only £60.00
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