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This week we look at the 5 most popular wetsuits and some brand new products;

You all know diving wetsuits are necessary for keeping you warm whilst under water, the fit should be snug but not too tight in order to function properly. Available in different thickness, suitable for different water temperatures, why not upgrade your wetsuit today. You've told us your top five picks, check them out below.

Cressi Playa

All-in-one (no hood) with shorts and short sleeves in double-lined 2.5 mm neoprene. Black with grey and blue inserts for men and children, and grey and yellow inserts for women. Front zip.
Only £49.00 (save 11%)
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Mares Coral 0,5mm She Dives Wetsuit

The Coral She Dives wetsuit by Mares is very warm for its 0.5mm thickness. The internal fabric is made from Metalite has a heat retaining effect which means that the body heat is reflected so less heat is lost. This is a perfect tropic dives suit or would be a great back-up suit that could be worn under another suit with stirrups that keep this suit in place.
Only £79.95 (save 11%)
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Mares Reef 3mm She Dives Wetsuit

The Reef She Dives 3mm wetsuit by Mares is the ideal wetsuit for warm water dives. On the wrist, ankle and neck there are seals with an aquastop finish to reduce the continuous water flow. The GlideSkin makes this Mares wetsuit slippery so is easy to get on and off and also keep you warmer. This suit is easy to maintain as it has water and dirt repellent qualities in the material and the chest area has a soft and stretchy rubber panel and so this suit is well suited to many different water sports.
Only £85.00 (save 15%)
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Mares Pioneer 5mm She Dives Wetsuit

The Pioneer She Dives is a Mares wetsuit that is designed for 'off-road' diving as the knees and shoulders are protected with a special high resistant soft rubber. GlideSkin makes the suit easy to put on and take off and maintains a great seal against the skin. It also has low heat conduction which keeps this Mares wetsuit warmer and is easy to clean as GlideSkin contains a water and dirt repellent.
Only £125.95 (save 8%)
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Mares Mens Reef Shorty Wetsuit

The Men's Reef Shorty wetsuit by Mares is a lightweight wetsuit that is excellent for warm water dives or snorkelling sessions. The new neck custom closure and back zip puller make it practical as well as cool and stylish. It also has a smooth skin front panel so it can be used for water sports such as surfing.
Only £59.95 (save 8%)
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For our entire range of diving wetsuits:
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We're constantly updating our catalogue with new snorkelling and scuba products covering clothing, equipment and books, all of which can be found on our Just Arrived page on the website. Here's a few of our latest products additions to give you a taste of what's been added.

TUSA Freedom One Pro Mask

The TUSA Freedom One Pro mask really is designed to provide a perfect fit to just about everyone using their new 'Freedom' technology. Each person has a unique facial structure and every diver can potentially experience some level of discomfort or "pressure" while wearing a typical mask underwater. TUSA engineers wanted to solve these problems and spent several years analyzing mask fit, facial bone structure and mouth movement. The result is Freedom Technology, a set of revolutionary new mask features delivering superior fit, comfort and increased performance. Experience Freedom.
Only £87.50
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TUSA Freedom One Mask

The TUSA Freedom One mask is a very lightweight, ultra low profile mask. TUSA have developed their new 'Freedom' technology which offers superior fit, comfort and improved performance using a number of new materials and clever design features.
Only £69.50
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Hollis SMS Sidemount Regulator Kit

The Hollis SMS Sidemount Regulator Kit two high performance DC1 environmentally sealed over-balanced diaphragm first stage, two balanced 212 second stages with inhalation and venturi adjustment, one 36" and one 84" low pressure regulator hoses, two omni swivels for the 212 second stages, two brass Hollis gauges on 6" hoses, an adjustable regulator necklace and a 3" bolt snap.
Only £1095.00
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Hollis SMS 50 Sidemount Harness

The Hollis SMS 50 is a sidemount only rig designed for any diver, not just cave diving. The slimline bladder provides approximately 10 kg of lift the SMS 50 can be used for both open water or over head environments.
Only £450.00
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Hollis Ride BCD

The Hollis Ride BCD provides a simple but very effective solution for a travel BCD. Weighing just 2.5 kg, the ride is lightweight but is fitted with loads of features. A strong nylon one size fits most harness allows for maximum adjustment which a rugged one piece 1000 denier cordura provides 16.75 kg of lift. The Ride comes fitted with 2" D-rings on the shoulders, hips and also on the padded crotch strap. A padded backpad provides additional comfort and a pouch provides easy storage.
Only £342.00
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For our all newest product additions visit: h
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