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Now is the time to review your kit and update or replace any items that are looking a little tired. With savings still available across much of our catalogue why not treat yourself to a new pair of ski goggles. Below are your five most favourite pairs to give you a little inspiration.

Y6 OTG Goggle

If you wear glasses but want to ski or snowboard then this ski goggle from Bolle is for you. It is designed to fit perfectly over your glasses giving you perfect vision on the slopes. The Vermillon Gun lens offers category 2 protection (22% of visible light transmitted) and is ideal for sunny or slightly cloudy conditions and gives 100% UVA/UVB protection.
Only £30.00 (save 25%)
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Crowbar Goggle

Crowbar Goggle with Matte White Frame and Black Iridium Lens from Oakley. If you demand the ultimate in performance from a ski goggle when skiing and snowboarding then look no further than the Oakley Crowbar Goggle. The frame includes the latest technologies to ensure all day comfort and superior fit while the lens meets the highest impact protection rating and filters out 100% of all UV.
Only £90.00 (save 14%)
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Womens Nebula Goggle

Nebula Ski Goggle with Shiny Blue Frame and Vermillon Gun Lens from Bolle. Bright blue adult ski goggle form the Bolle leisure range offering all the standard Bolle features including a swinging outrigger to maintain a perfect fit with your ski helmet. The Vermillon Gun lens offers category 2 protection (22% of visible light transmitted) and 100% UVA/UVB protection.
Only £35.10 (save 10%)
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Witness Goggle

The Witness Goggle is a unisex ski goggle by Scott. The Scott Witness Goggle features an Optiview double lens that has an anti-fog coating so you can clearly see everything on the mountain. Helmet compatibility allows you to wear your ski goggles with a helmet comfortably and protect your head. Scott have added a pivoting strap clip to ensure a better helmet fit with these goggles.
Only £32.50 (save 35%)
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Knowledge OTG Goggle

The Knowledge Ski goggle from Smith Optics is an over the glasses style of goggle with a larger fit perfect for all snowsports including skiing and snowboarding. The Smith Optics OTG ski goggle has a Carbonic X outer lens which has been individually moulded to provide scratch resistance, impact resistance, enhanced contrast and also has an anti fog coating. Adjustable lens ventilation can allow dry and fresh air to circulate but this vent can be closed when not required. The Smith Knowledge goggle has a Sensor Mirror lens which is designed to improve colour definition and depth perception in flat light conditions.
Only £48.75 (save 35%)
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