September Newsletter

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We're thrilled to welcome you to our second monthly newsletter at Priory Direct. It's been an exciting month filled with sustainable stories, inspiring innovations, and a dash of eco-friendly enthusiasm.

Let's get started, shall we?

This edition will feature:

  • Exclusive offers - Rewarding you, times three!
  • Eco Spotlight -The benefits of reducing packaging waste and what your business can do to help.
  • Packaging Heroes - Wined, Sealed, Delivered - How Good Pair Days have revolutionised their packaging for the better.
  • Proud to be B - B Corp of the Month - Pennard Vets are leading the way in animal care & community impact.
  • Brighten your day - Meet the company using oysters to develop energy saving paint
  • Join the conversation - Blue Earth Summit 2023 – 11-13th October

Eco Spotlight

Over the past month, we've been on a mission to raise awareness on the importance of reducing packaging waste in businesses, and the benefits this can have for you and the planet. From ingenious eco-friendly solutions to practical tips for a greener workplace, we've explored it all. Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words; it's in the actions we take, educating others, and the positive impact we create.


Find out our top tips for reducing packaging waste

Curious about how your business can take meaningful steps towards reducing packaging waste? We've got the secrets you've been looking for! We'll reveal insights into slashing packaging waste.

From right-sizing your packaging to embracing eco-friendly materials and even investing in game-changing equipment, these strategies will revolutionize your sustainability game.

Packaging Heroes

In our quest to spotlight packaging innovation, we're raising a glass to Good Pair Days. This exceptional company has gone the extra mile in their commitment to sustainable packaging. Their clever use of pulp packaging ensures a snug fit for their wine bottles while minimising environmental impact. It's a perfect pairing of form and function, proving that eco-conscious packaging can be as delightful as the wine it protects. 

Their packaging has been revolutionised to remove plastics and now features a built-in handle and an insert made from biodegradable moulded pulp - making their product packaging 100% recyclable.

Good Pair Days Packaging

Proud to be B - B Corp of the Month

This month, we shine the spotlight on Pennard Vets, a remarkable B Corp that's making waves in the world of veterinary care and community support. As the world's largest employee-owned veterinary group and the first B Corp certified veterinary practice in Europe, Pennard Vets embodies a commitment to both animal welfare and sustainability.

Their philosophy is simple yet profound: unlimited vet visits for their members throughout the year. They love their patients and believe in providing the right care, in the right way, and at the right time.

dog and cat

Brighten Your Day

Meet the company using oysters and turning them into paint. Yes, that's right - Cool Roof France have developed an oyster-enriched, thermo-reflective roof paint that makes use of the 130,000 tonnes of oyster shells that are thrown away every year.

It uses the calcium found in the shell to replace the calcium in the paint which results in a durable paint lasting 20 years, able to reflect 90% of the sun's rays, and reducing the average temperature by six to seven degrees celcius. Consequently, energy consumption from ACs has dropped, in fact, they've been able to demonstrate a 30-50% reduction in energy consumption.


Join the Conversation

Interested in getting involved in some sustainability awareness this coming month? Check out this event:

Blue Earth Summit - 11-13th October 2023

The Blue Earth Summit is an exciting annual event that brings together sustainability leaders, businesses, and individuals passionate about eco-friendly practices. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into the latest sustainable trends and innovations.

Blue Earth Summit

At the summit, you can network with like-minded individuals, learn from experts, and discover new ways to enhance your sustainable packaging offerings. Blue Earth Summit is a valuable platform to stay informed, inspired, and connected in the world of sustainability.

Exclusive Offers

This October, we're turning up the eco-rewards dial to three. Supercharge your sustainability journey with triple the customer reward points on new customer first orders. It's our way of saying thank you for making greener choices. Dive into sustainable shopping with a side of rewards.

October Promo Banner

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