Seatwave: New API tool

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Dear affiliates,

Seatwave are pleased to announce the launch of their new API tool!

It enables affiliates to integrate live, flexible ticketing information into their sites and apps through the network.

Using the Discovery API, you can easily navigate the entire Seatwave data hierarchy ranging from genres all the way down to ticket details. This hierarchy includes:

Genre (eg Concerts) > Category (e.g. Pop and Rock) > Event Group (e.g. Rihanna) > Events (e.g. Sep 12th, Bell Centre) > Ticket Group (e.g. Standing)

Using the Discovery API, you can:

Search based on artist, location, dates and price.
Get Access to top selling and featured events and last minute deals.
Get Access to artist images, seatmaps and 3d venue seatviews.
Get access to delta feeds for eventgroup and event level info.
Get “all in pricing” information at the ticket level.
Receive pre-constructed URL’s with your affiliate details.

Discovery URL:


Affiliate Window Sign-up Link:


Seatwave Page:


Any questions, feel free to get in touch.